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Colin Watson
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o Fix build warnings with Perl 5.22.

o Document that 'man -K' searches page source, not rendered text.

o Fix a long-standing bug in man-db's internal cleanup stack
  mechanism: if a cleanup function was pushed unexpectedly between a
  push/pop pair, then popping the stack would remove the wrong
  cleanup function and chaos could ensue. Avoid this by being more
  precise about which cleanup function should be popped.

o SECURITY: Eliminate dangerous setgid-root directories. In the
  default configuration, cache files and directories are now owned
  by man:man rather than man:root; man and mandb are now setgid man
  as well as setuid man (except in the --disable-setuid case). This
  is a much simpler and safer solution to the original problem that
  caused my predecessor to make directories setgid root, and doesn't
  introduce any interesting new privilege since the man group's only
  real purpose is to be the man user's primary group and nothing in
  cache directories is group-writeable.

  Maintainers of distribution packagers should take care to review
  their installation rules in light of this change.

  As far as I know this has no CVE ID, but it is described here:

o Fix manual page translation infrastructure to render tables
  correctly with po4a 0.47.


o man now understands the <page>.<section> form on its command line,
  so for example 'man chmod.2' is now the same as 'man 2 chmod'.
  (Contributed by Mihail Konev.)

o The owner of cache files is now configured separately from whether
  man and mandb are installed setuid, using the
  --enable-cache-owner[=USER] option.


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