OpenStack Shared File Systems Service (Manila) wallaby-3

Milestone 3 of the Wallaby development cycle

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OpenStack Shared File Systems Service (Manila)
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1 Carlos Eduardo, 1 DellEMC Unity OpenStack, 2 Douglas Viroel, 2 Felipe Rodrigues, 2 Goutham Pacha Ravi, 1 Lívia Cavalcanti, 1 Maurice Escher, 1 Tom Barron, 1 Victoria Martinez de la Cruz, 1 kiran pawar
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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1890537 #1890537 RHOSP16(Train) Unity manila NFS access-allow does not work for a specific IP, but it works for a subnet. 4 Medium DellEMC Unity OpenStack  3 Invalid
1602081 #1602081 Use oslo.context's policy dict 4 Medium Goutham Pacha Ravi  10 Fix Released
1868644 #1868644 Cannot retrieve limits of share groups and share group snapshots 4 Medium Carlos Eduardo  10 Fix Released
1901189 #1901189 netapp kerberos-realm-create api changed 4 Medium Felipe Rodrigues  10 Fix Released
1902854 #1902854 migration get progress missing fields 4 Medium Maurice Escher  10 Fix Released
1904746 #1904746 share server is failing to delete using kerberos with NetApp driver 4 Medium Felipe Rodrigues  10 Fix Released
1907669 #1907669 [NetApp] Missing Kerberos authentication methods for NFS access rules 4 Medium Douglas Viroel  10 Fix Released
1915116 #1915116 [doc] How to use osprofiler with manila? 4 Medium kiran pawar  10 Fix Released
1916534 #1916534 NetApp driver doesn't configure LDAP clients properly 4 Medium Douglas Viroel  10 Fix Released
1917417 #1917417 Cross project access rules and their metadata can be retrieved by ID 4 Medium Goutham Pacha Ravi  10 Fix Released
1878477 #1878477 Devstack plugin sets service instance parameters for all drivers 5 Low Victoria Martinez de la Cruz  10 Fix Released
1898791 #1898791 Remove MANILA_MULTI_BACKEND from devstack script 5 Low Lívia Cavalcanti  10 Fix Released
1908838 #1908838 Manila share service image not getting downloaded properly 5 Low Tom Barron  10 Fix Released
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