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15.6.5 release from the 15 series released 2011-09-25

Release information
Release notes:

An option to allow fake functions was added, to allow named function entry until named functions are actually implemented; type "set special ()" to use this option. A code and documentation cleanup was done, mentioning that Mathomatic supports simplification, calculation, and even solving of modular arithmetic. There is now multi-line, 2D expression string output available when using the Symbolic Math Library. This release was properly ported to the OpenIndiana operating system, making Mathomatic easily compile on all known unix-like OSes.


8/25/11 - Now allowing balanced parentheses with anything inside them in
          variable names, so that they can preserve functions temporarily.
          Just type "set special ()" to use this option and stop getting
          errors when entering functions. They will not be real functions,
          just variables whose name is the complete function string.

8/27/11 - Added sinc(x) function to m4 Mathomatic, which is the normalized
          sinc function, defined as sin(pi*x)/(pi*x).

8/31/11 - Split off the generally useful stuff and general C math defines
          from am.h to standard.h; am.h only contains Mathomatic defines now.
          standard.h and complex_lib.c with complex.h can be included in
          your C math programs if you like, with no changes required.
          Use of gcd.c in other floating point programs that need a gcd() or
          double-to-fraction convert function is recommended. The code
          has been heavily tested by this CAS.

9/02/11 - Fixed and tested the variables command to handle complex number
          equations better.

9/04/11 - Cleaned up and improved documentation on modular arithmetic and
          its options. Mathomatic can simplify, calculate, and even solve
          modular arithmetic!

9/06/11 - The 2D display command's internals were
          rewritten to allow outputting to C string buffers. This allows
          the display command to return a multi-line, formatted expression
          string when using the Symbolic Math Library. Note that there is
          no color mode when outputting to a C string, but if you send the
          string to a terminal, it displays the specified equation space
          nicely in 2D fraction format.

9/18/11 - Mathomatic "help color" command page created.

9/19/11 - Ported Mathomatic to latest OpenIndiana SunOS operating system.
          Some changes were required and implemented for easier compilation.
          All tests passed!

9/24/11 - Improved set command error reporting.

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download icon mathomatic-15.6.5.tar.bz2 (md5, sig) Stable Mathomatic source and docs 276
last downloaded 4 weeks ago
Total downloads: 276

15.6.4 release from the 15 series released 2011-08-24

Release information
Release notes:

Some simplification results were improved. The instructions to make a shared Symbol Math Library using cmake were added. The code command was properly added to the library. Beginning a line with ":" will now prevent read operations from aborting if running that line results in an error. The scripts for building the quick reference card and sheet are now included in the distribution. A bug was fixed for calculating expressions like sqrt(sin(9)). Previously this was giving a negative number for a result.


8/05/11 - Approximating complex number roots only when helpful or approximating,
          improving some results when imaginary numbers are used; for example,
          simplifying sqrt(sin(x)) now returns the best possible result.

8/06/11 - Added "make strip" target to allow easily running the Unix strip
          utility on the resulting binaries.
          Deleted the "make install-strip" and "make bininstall-strip" targets.

          Additionally display C compiler version number in version command.

8/09/11 - Added ability to make a shared library of the Symbolic Math Library,
          using the cmake utility. "CMakeLists.txt" was the only file changed.
          The shared library is thoroughly UNtested. :-)

8/13/11 - A colon character (:) placed before any main prompt input will make
          it ignore any error occuring in that particular line, so any current
          read operation won't abort. Any Mathomatic command preceded with a
          colon will always return with successful status.

          File "misc/" was added, showing a strength and weakness
          of Mathomatic.

          Removed "doc" target in makefile, due to interference from a
          directory of the same name; use the "html" target instead.

          Added cheat card "doc/quickrefcard.html", created by "make htmlcard"
          and scripts "" and "makehtmlcard.awk". The PDF of
          this currently has to be made manually with a web browser, using
          print to PDF file.

          Added ability to automatically create cheat sheet "quickref.pdf",
          created by "make pdfsheet", which invokes script "".

8/19/11 - General complex number root approximation bug fix: expressions like
          sqrt(sin(9)) now give the correct result, instead of a negative
          number, when using the calculate command. The calculate command is
          used to immediately evaluate it when you type "sqrt(sin(9))" into
          the m4 Mathomatic main prompt.

8/20/11 - The variables command now defines all "integer" and "sign" variables
          as "int" instead of "double".

8/21/11 - Rewrote the code command code lister to allow output to a C string.
          Code command is now completely available with string output in the
          Symbolic Math Library, meaning Mathomatic can automatically
          generate programming language code within other programs now.

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download icon mathomatic-15.6.4.tar.bz2 (md5, sig) Stable Mathomatic source code and documentation tarball 19
last downloaded 25 weeks ago
Total downloads: 19

15.6.3 release from the 15 series released 2011-08-04

Release information
Release notes:

The solve command now allows specifying a range of equations to solve at once. The read command is automatically repeatable now. Any named functions may be passed through without giving an error by parsing them as variables, if requested. Prompts are now colored blue when reading files into Mathomatic in color mode. The derivative command will succeed and not fail with a helpful error message for education's sake when the derivative is 0, and all error messages work properly now.


Source code and user documentation cleanup and corrections.

Creating a PDF book from the Mathomatic man pages with "make bookman" is more
likely to work now. Package txt2man must be installed to run "make bookman".

6/24/11 - Added file misc/known_bugs.txt, which is the current list of known
          bugs in Mathomatic.

7/04/11 - Added file tests/, just a script that solves the general
          quadratic equation.

7/06/11 - Fixed error messaging to not always give command usage information
          when a command fails or gives a negative result.
          Now only gives command usage info when helpful,
          like when something on the command line is incorrect.

7/07/11 - Fixed the Mathomatic derivative command to not fail with a helpful
          error message when the derivative is zero.
          Now it just gives a warning message along with the successful
          result of the constant zero.

7/23/11 - Mathomatic no longer compiles correctly with the latest Xcode gcc,
          due to a bug in Apple's gcc optimizer. Either turn the optimizer
          completely off when compiling with Xcode, or use the gcc provided
          by MacPorts. Xcode version 3.x and other non-Apple C compilers will
          work fine. All mention of Xcode has been removed from the
          Mathomatic distribution.

7/28/11 - Balanced parentheses and brackets are now allowed in variable names,
          if the "set special_variable_characters" command is run first.
          For example, "set special ()" will allow entry of named functions,
          converting them to variables, which might be useful in some cases.
          However, entry of variables like "f(x)" will not be differentiatable,
          because there is no "x" variable in that, only the "f(x)" variable.
          There can be no spaces encountered in the function; variable names
          end at any non-variable character, including space characters.

          Entry of array elements is still possible with "set special []".
          This is the default.

7/29/11 - Prompts are now blue when reading files into Mathomatic in color mode.

7/30/11 - Allow an equation number range on the solve command line, for faster,
          more automated solving. If you want to solve all entered equations
          for x, just type "solve all x" or "solve verify all for x" to be sure.

7/31/11 - Allow "repeat read filename" command, which repeatedly reads a script
          until it fails or is aborted.

8/04/11 - "make install" now shows if installed executables are new or have
          changed since the last install.

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download icon mathomatic-15.6.3.tar.bz2 (md5, sig) Stable Mathomatic source code and documentation 11
last downloaded 26 weeks ago
Total downloads: 11

15.6.2 release from the 15 series released 2011-06-12

Release information
Release notes:

A catastrophic delete of the entire /usr/share directory was possible with the version 15.6.1 makefile, when doing "make uninstall", if variable "datadir" was imported. Version 15.6.2 is corrected and much safer.


6/06/11 - Corrected datadir variable usage in the main Mathomatic makefile.
          Directly importing datadir could have catastrophically deleted the
          entire /usr/share directory with "make uninstall".

6/12/11 - Added proper compilation option (WIN32_CONSOLE_COLORS) for color mode
          in MinGW, in case use with mintty.exe is desired.

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download icon mathomatic-15.6.2.tar.bz2 (md5, sig) Stable Mathomatic source code and documentation 16
last downloaded 26 weeks ago
Total downloads: 16

15.6.1 release from the 15 series released 2011-06-05

Release information
Release notes:

The Mathomatic user documentation and help have been shaped up. The Mac and Windows versions now default to bold color mode. The directory structure was made proper for packaging. Standard debugging is now allowed when using the symbolic math library. Source code and license maintenance was completed.


The Mathomatic user documentation and help have been shaped up.

A BOLD_COLOR compile-time flag was added, to make Mathomatic default to
using bold color mode. Used on the Mac and Windows versions of
Mathomatic now.

5/8/11 - The "factor number" command now allows number ranges, in addition
         to integers and integer expressions.

5/9/11 - Install "m4/functions.m4" to proper directory (/usr/share/mathomatic/m4).
         The "m4" directory is no longer installed to the system doc directory.
         A big thanks to Terje Røsten of Fedora for showing me the way on this,
         and for his timely Mathomatic package maintenance in Fedora Linux.

5/11/11 - The matho-primes utility can now be run from within Mathomatic by typing
          "list primes". Put any arguments you want to pass to matho-primes on the
          "list primes" command line. Redirection doesn't work yet for this, so it
          remains undocumented.

5/15/11 - Added NOGAMMA compile-time define, which makes the factorial function
          integer only, if desired.

          Added color mode to the MinGW Windows version of Mathomatic, thanks to
          Doug Snead for the code. Tested in cmd.exe,, and CygWin.
          The new color mode does not work in mintty.exe.

5/16/11 - Allow defining SILENT=0 when compiling the symbolic math library,
          so that "set debug level" works and normal Mathomatic debugging works
          within the library code. Thanks to Doug Snead for suggesting this.

5/21/11 - Changed "make check" to not use the time command, as /usr/bin/time is not
          available on all systems. "make test" performs the same function and
          still uses time.

5/23/11 - Updated the Free Software Foundation's address in the LGPL license text
          and in all source files.

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download icon mathomatic-15.6.1.tar.bz2 (md5, sig) Stable Mathomatic source code and documentation tarball 15
last downloaded 25 weeks ago
Total downloads: 15

15.6.0 release from the 15 series released 2011-04-30

Release information
Release notes:

Finished and cleaned up the polynomial factoring and polynomial division C code, so polynomial operations give better results and are 30 times faster in some cases. The "simplify quick" option gives much better results now, sometimes better than any other simplify option. The coloring scheme was improved: all prompt and normal text is now the terminal emulator's default color for text (usually uncolored); expressions remain colored if color mode is enabled. m4 Mathomatic can now easily be made to work under BSD Unix.


Many tweaks and corrections to simplification and polynomial operations were made.

4/21/11 - Created m4 Mathomatic input file "tests/trig". Lists all trig and
          hypertrig functions, allowing testing of their simplification
          and manipulation.

4/22/11 - Sped up polynomial operations to be another 30 times faster
          in some cases. Finished and cleaned up the polynomial factoring
          and division C code. Thanks again to Kingsley G. Morse Jr. for
          showing me this needed to be done.

          The "simplify quick" command was changed to not combine unlike
          denominators, making it much more useful, doing better
          simplification than any other simplify option sometimes.

4/23/11 - The tally command now returns the ending total and sets it as the
          current equation.

          Fixed an old bug just discovered today where expressions like
          (x - y)*(x^99 - y^99) were being factored into something huge
          with the simplify and fraction commands, which are the only
          commands that do polynomial factoring.

          Improved coloring scheme: all prompt and normal text is now the
          terminal emulator's default color for text (usually uncolored).
          Expressions remain colored if color mode is enabled. Thanks to
          Carl U. Grayser for the good idea.

4/26/11 - Improved the fraction command by factoring polynomials first.
          Specifying the "numerator" and "denominator" options together
          will make the fraction command return with failure if the result
          is not a fraction, otherwise the entire fraction is returned.

          Allow setting "M4" makefile variable to "gm4" (GNU m4), so that
          m4 Mathomatic can work under BSD Unix after installation.
          Be sure to use gmake to compile Mathomatic under BSD Unix;
          Non-GNU Unix make and Unix m4 do not work with Mathomatic.

File Description Downloads
download icon mathomatic-15.6.0.tar.bz2 (md5, sig) Stable Mathomatic source code and documentation 17
last downloaded 25 weeks ago
Total downloads: 17

15.5.3 release from the 15 series released 2011-04-19

Release information
Release notes:

Simplification was improved. A plot settings bug was fixed. New options were added to the fraction command to return the numerator or denominator of the resulting fraction. The nintegrate command was fixed to work with complex numbers and trigonometry. The universal constants are now always displayed beautifully, consistently, and exportably. The exit status of Mathomatic is now useful for scripting. The makefile now allows separate documentation installation.


Simplify expressions with positive bases like 16^(x/2) and (2^m)^n by default;
previously only simplified these with the "simplify symbolic" command.

3/22/11 - The exit status of Mathomatic now shows any errors when run with the
          -e option. So if a command fails, it exits to the OS with the exit
          status 1. Exit status is 0 if everything went OK. Also works without
          the -e option, when files are specified on the shell command line.
          An error will abort the script, returning you to the operating system
          with an exit status of 1.

3/23/11 - Changed makefile to allow installing m4 Mathomatic without installing
          the documentation. Use "sudo make bininstall matho-rmath-install" to
          install m4 Mathomatic executables and man pages.
          Then "sudo make docinstall" installs all documentation.

3/26/11 - The rmath man page math function and constant lists have been corrected
          and the rmath man page has been added to the main user documentation.

3/27/11 - Output of universal constants is now prettier when displaying. No
          more i#, e#, and pi#, they are displayed as they are entered: i, e,
          and pi. HTML mode displays the small Greek letter pi for pi.

3/29/11 - The nintegrate command now works with complex numbers and trigonometry,
          and does not change the current equation to the result.

3/30/11 - Link the man page rmath.1 to matho.1 when installing, so that every
          executable has a man page.

4/04/11 - Added "numerator" and "denominator" options to the fraction command,
          which returns only the numerator or denominator after making sure the
          expression is a simple algebraic fraction.

          Autocalc now deletes only the previous autocalc when autocalc is used.
          It was deleting all autocalc results except for the current one every
          time, preventing copying.

4/15/11 - Improved simplification of expressions like (x + (2^(1/2)))^{3,4,5,6}.
          It broke a while back when factor_times() constant factoring was
          improved. The fix uses factor_times() less, preserving reduced surds.

4/17/11 - Saving "plot_prefix" with the "set save" command was not escaping
          semicolons, so they were disappearing from the prefix. Fixed now.

File Description Downloads
download icon mathomatic-15.5.3.tar.bz2 (md5, sig) Stable Mathomatic source code and documentation 9
last downloaded 25 weeks ago
Total downloads: 9

15.5.2 release from the 15 series released 2011-03-21

Release information
Release notes:

The simplify command was fixed to be more responsive and not mess up with unwanted fractional constants. All surds are properly preserved and simplified now, unless intentionally approximated. Previously, negative surds were not preserved. A PDF book of all Mathomatic man pages was added.


Changed integer factoring code to be more robust, consistent, self-checking and
a better test of floating point operations. Added DEBUG compile-time define to
allow easier debugging of Mathomatic.

3/12/11 - Renamed the "factorial" directory to "examples".

3/13/11 - Fixed entering negative odd roots like (-32)^(1/3) to not approximate,
          instead simplifying to -2*4^(1/3). So all surds are preserved, now.

3/17/11 - Added man pages for the Mathomatic Symbolic Math Library functions.
          Allow building a PDF book of all Mathomatic man pages.

3/18/11 - Simplify command simplification sped up even more, by putting algebraic
          fraction reduction in the right place and not overusing it.
          Responsiveness has greatly improved for large expressions. Thanks go
          to Kingsley G. Morse Jr. for help with this and for filing a bug report.

3/21/11 - Simplify command functionality improved.

File Description Downloads
download icon mathomatic-15.5.2.tar.bz2 (md5, sig) Stable Mathomatic source and docs 12
last downloaded 25 weeks ago
Total downloads: 12

15.5.1 release from the 15 series released 2011-03-11

Release information
Release notes:

Many minor cleanups and corrections were made. The code was made completely deterministic, so that various systems will all give the same results. The plot command was improved, allowing equation-number-ranges on the command line. Simplify command simplification is now 60 times faster in some cases.


Many minor cleanups and corrections were made.

Disallow nondeterminism in the qsort(3) function, making automatic output
comparison tests more likely to succeed. Restored to the tests.

3/01/11 - Renamed Mathomatic User's Manual to Official Mathomatic User Guide.

          Calculate command now outputs fewer newlines. Not so much blank space.

3/04/11 - Allow equation-number-ranges on the plot command line. For example,
          "plot all" works now, to plot all stored equations and expressions
          at once, for easy comparison.

3/05/11 - Added an even higher security level 4 (mathomatic -s4), to be exactly
          the same as compiling with the -DSECURE option.

          Fixed "tests/t" script to allow testing of Mathomatic at any time,
          including after a system-wide install.

3/08/11 - Sped up simplify command simplification 60 times faster in some cases.

File Description Downloads
download icon mathomatic-15.5.1.tar.bz2 (md5, sig) Stable Mathomatic source code and documentation 10
last downloaded 25 weeks ago
Total downloads: 10

15.5.0 release from the 15 series released 2011-02-25

Release information
Release notes:

Maintenance and code cleanup/commenting were done and many ease-of-use enhancements were added. An optional mixed fraction display mode was added. Purely numerical input is retained until next numerical input. Stored expressions may be referenced and included at any time now by entering "#" followed by the equation space number, when entering mathematical expressions. Simplification was sped up.


Source code cleanup and comments added.

2/15/11 - Fixed result of (constant % inf) to equal constant.

2/16/11 - Restored explicitly linking with ncurses library when compiled
          with readline, because Red Hat Linux wrongly requires this.
          There is no way to know ahead of time whether this is needed, so
          remove the "-lncurses" from the makefile if there is a problem

          Upgraded set option "fractions_display_mode" to display fractions
          as mixed fractions when possible, when set to mode 2. A mixed
          fraction is possible when the numerator of a simple fraction is
          greater than the denominator, like 9/4, which displays as (2+(1/4))
          in mixed fraction display mode 2. Mode 1 is the default, which
          functions as before, displaying 2.25 as the simple fraction 9/4.
          To display mixed fractions only on command, just type "display mixed"
          to display the current expression with mixed fractions output
          that one time.

2/17/11 - Autocalc (used when typing a numerical only expression at the main
          prompt) now keeps the result until next time autocalc is used,
          so that it can be acted on further by Mathomatic commands, if desired.
          All previous autocalc results are erased every time autocalc is used.
          This provides much better calculator functionality for Mathomatic
          and improves ease-of-use.

2/18/11 - Use HTML infinity symbol (∞) for infinities in HTML output mode.

2/19/11 - Allow solid fraction bar display in HTML output mode by using "–".
          Previously the ASCII dash character "-" was used, making a dashed line
          that separated the numerator and denominator of fractions. Now the line
          should be solid in HTML output mode.

          Improved divide command for numerical division. Added mixed fractions
          and cleaned up output.

          Ported matho-primes to MS-Windows and included it in the Windows
          version on my website: "".

          The fraction command is now repeatable by preceding it with "repeat".
          This repeatedly runs it until the smallest expression is achieved.

          Simplification was sped up, especially with "simplify quick", therefore
          differentiating and the Taylor command are faster.

2/20/11 - Removed the requirement for the Unix "time" command with m4 Mathomatic.

2/23/11 - Allow array variable refs like a[2] or a[1][2] when generating C code.
          Just "set special []" to allow straight brackets in variable names.

2/24/11 - Another ease-of-use enhancement was implemented, making it possible to
          use "#equation-number" anywhere in any expression, it will insert the
          expression at that equation number. This is an improvement that should
          have been done long ago. However, don't expect it to work with the
          plot command, "plot #1" does not work because the argument to plot is a
          string and/or the current equation. For example, typing things like
          "y=#1^2" is a convenient way to raise the expression in equation space
          number 1 to the power of 2 and set it equal to y, or whatever you wish.

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download icon mathomatic-15.5.0.tar.bz2 (md5, sig) Mathomatic source code and documentation 25
last downloaded 26 weeks ago
Total downloads: 25

110 of 69 releases