Written for MAUS by Adam Dobbs on 2017-02-24

  The following changes were made:
    - analyze_data_offline: Encoding corruption fixed
    - simulate_mice: Momentum correction mapper added
  The following changes were made:
    - Tracker: Kalman: speed improvement by catching unhandled exception
    - analyze_data_offline: bug fix - added new tracker module
  The following changes were made:
    - Third party: GEANT4: updated data download url
  The following changes were made:
    - Tracker: new executable directory in bin/scifi
    - Tracker: SciFiSeed now a full data structure class
    - Tracker: DEMO radiation modelling now available via MapCppTrackerRadiationNoiseModel
    - Tracker: Pattern recognition: momentum corrections now available
    - Tracker: Pattern recognition: large improvement in efficiency
    - Tracker: Pattern recognition: covariance of fits now correctly returned
    - Tracker: Pattern recognition: Analysis: updates to efficiency calculation code
    - Tracker: Track fit: performance updates
    - Global recon: global tracker added
    - Third party: G4Beamline build bug fixed by disabling ROOT linking

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