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A Unique Desktop Organizer for Gnome

Mayanna is an elegant and innovative way to think about how you use your desktop computer.

* Integrated display of:
o Applications from the system menu
o Recently used documents, applications, printers, network shares, etc
o People you've recently chatted with
o People currently logged in for IM
o Your Pidgin buddy list's group organization
o All devices, printers, mapped network shares, and system settings
* Show open conversations, opened documents, and running applications (both new and legacy) in the Mayanna Bar
* Bookmark apps, documents, and people in the Mayanna Bar for quick access
* Allow log out, shutdown, or switching to another user
* Shows the current time, a desktop switcher, and a trashcan
* Search for items with instantly displayed results
* Zoom in and out on recently used items, from today, to this month and beyond
* Read Only access (later write access) on Flickr, GoogleDocs, Picasa, Youtube and Google Contacts
* Evolution Contacts

IRC: #mayanna on freenode

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