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Mazemod is a web radio dedicated to amiga & tracker music culture streaming various styles of computer electronic music from the demoscene & computer art subculture.

Most notorious styles which came out of the trackers are the chiptunes, synthetic sounds with a videogame & fun melody appeal, demo songs featured in the crack warez intros & also acid techno tracks which reached the computer art subculture in the nineties.

The radio delivers playlists as selected themes and special shows by artists from demoscene & electroscene. All the tracks playlists can be downloaded as standalone zip pack with the original modules.

If you have some good tracks that could be played on the radio, don't hesitate to send us a playlist with your favorite mods in a zip format.

The radio is non commercial and non profit, all the music rights belong to the authors of these music modules, if you wish to contact us for various issues.

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