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MeetBot is designed to assist in running meetings, taking notes, and so on. It is in pure python, is a plugin for supybot. However, there is a clear distinction between meeting-code and IRC-code, so it should be relatively easy to port to other bots.

The current version was originally a derivative of used by the Ubuntu Scribes team. MootBot and the original MeetBot were plugins to the eggdrop IRC bot.

MeetBot is designed to be simple, not complex. Features are great, but not so much that it becomes hard to use or unwieldy to maintain.

It is under the supybot license (3-clause BSD).

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Latest version is 0.1.4

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  • Packaged 0.1.4 on 2009-11-24
    We are experimenting with hosting on Launchpad. In doing this, we have create...