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Megatest is used to launch tests (programs that exercise something, simulations, regressions) on remote hosts, monitor the progress of the run and to roll up the results such as pass, fail, aborted etc. for central monitoring. Megatest uses a central sqlite3 database to store the state of the system and you can use ssh to distribute the jobs to the remote hosts.

Megatest is written in minimal subset of chicken scheme with no macros or continuations to make it easier for non-schemers to pick up. The code is a bit rough but the tool is being used fairly extensively to run regressions and simulations. The design is minimalistic, providing only enough to get the job done allowing the tool to remain flexible. There is a gui for monitoring your runs and a separate tool "logpro" for easing the analysis of log files to determine pass/fail status. From this point on few new features are expected and most changes will be for bug fixes. Of course contributions from others are gladly accepted including new features if they don't make the tool overly specialized.

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