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Interface OpenERP with the outside world, using AMQP protocol

Messagin module is based on AMQP [1] protocol

Messaging is used to:

- link OpenERP with an other(s) OpenERP
- OpenERP and eCommerce website
- OpenERP and the rest of the World

Fully works with RabbitMQ [2]

Messaging is interact with user when create,write,delete datas, and with Server Action (eg: when validate a sale order)

At SYLEAM, we use it to
- syncrhonize 35 databases with 1 centralize database, in two way mode
- 2 differents OpenERP structures
- Migration from V5 to V6
- Stand alone point of sale, with openerp, which is synchronize, when the POS is connect to the company network


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Part of:
OpenERP Project Group
Christophe CHAUVET
OpenERP Messaging Expert
Development focus:

5.0 series 

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Programming Languages:
python xml xsl
Version control system:
GNU Affero GPL v3, GNU GPL v3

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A SYLEAM Module - Messaging Connector 5.0 series is the current focus of development

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Latest version is 1.0.5
released on 2011-01-27

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