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metal is a language with safety constructs and restrictions for making more trustworthy application and microkernel implementations. It is a compromise between the formally provable semantics of functional languages, and the algorithmic simplicity of procedural languages. It keeps as many of the useful features of C as possible, changes some common rules, and adds additional functionality. If you know C, metal should be reasonably simple to learn.

The point of metal is to remove the tediousness of making sure that you've done all the necessary manual checks. In general, metal will either let you specify that a check should be done in certain situations, and then do it for you every time, or else it implicitly knows that checks should be done.

The alpha compiler (written in Python) is well along. It recognizes a major subset of the language and generates native code using LLVM.

Reviews of the specification and testing of implemented features is welcome, along with design criticism and suggestions for core language features.

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