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2.6.x (weights, weights and weights) release from the 2.0 series released 2017-08-15

Release information
Release notes:

2.6.5 (03/02/19)
      OM: Fix some speed issue with the generated gridpack --speed issue introduced in 2.6.1--
      OM: Fix a bug in the computation of systematics when running with Python 2.6.
      OM: import model PATH, where PATH does not exists yet, will now connect to the online db
          if the model_name is present in the online db, then the model will be installed in the specified path.
      MZ: Applgrid+aMCFast was broken for some processes (since 2.6.0), due to wrong
          information written into initial_states_map.dat. This has been fixed now
      OM: change in the gridpack. It automatically runs the (if configure in the run_card)
      OM: Fix a MLM crash occuring for p p > go go (0,1,2 j)
      OM: Fix issue for BSM model with additional colored...

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download icon MG5_aMC_v2.6.6.tar.gz (md5) MG5aMC_2.6.6 5,056
last downloaded today
download icon MG5aMC_3.0.1_beta.tar.gz (md5) MG5aMC_3.0.1_beta.tar.gz 720
last downloaded 4 days ago
Total downloads: 5,776

2.5.x (Interface) release from the 2.0 series released 2016-09-08

Release information
Release notes:

      OM: Fixing bug in the creation of the LO gridpack introduced in 2.4.3. Since 2.4.3 the generated
          gridpack were lacking to include the generated grid for each channel. This does not lead to
          bias but to a significant slow down of the associated gridpack.
      OM: Supporting user function calling other non default function.
      OM: adding the command "update to_slha1" and "update to_slha2" (still beta)
      RF: some cleanup in the NLO/Template files. Many unused subroutines deleted.
      OM: fixing some bug related to complex_mass_scheme
      OM: fixing bug in ALOHA for C++ output (in presence of form-factor)
      OM: fixing lhe event for 1 to N process such that the <init> block is consistently set for the shower
      OM: ExRootAnalysis in...

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download icon MG5_aMC_v2.5.5.tar.gz (md5) MG5aMC_2.5.5 7,851
last downloaded 2 days ago
Total downloads: 7,851

2.4.x (reweighting) release from the 2.0 series released 2016-05-12

Release information
Release notes:

2.4.0 (12/06/16)
        OM: Allowing the proper NLO reweighting for NLO sample
        RF: For NLO processes allow for multiple PDF and scales reweighting, directy by inputting lists
            in the run_card.dat.
        VH: Interfaced MadLoop to Samurai and Ninja (the latter is now the default)
        HS: Turn IREGI to off by default
        MZ: new NLO generation mode. It is more efficient from the memory and CPU point of
            view, in particular for high-multiplicity processes.
            Many thanks to Josh Bendavid for his fundamental contribution for this.
            The mode can be enabled with
            > set low_mem_multicore_nlo_generation True
            before generating the process.
        OM: Adding the possibility to use new syntax for tree-level process...

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download icon MG5_aMC_v2_5_0_beta2.tar.gz (md5) MG5_aMC_v2.5.0.beta2 539
last downloaded 9 days ago
download icon MG5_aMC_v2.4.3.tar.gz (md5) MG5_aMC_v2.4.3 7,860
last downloaded 24 hours ago
Total downloads: 8,399

2.3.x (LoopInduced) release from the 2.0 series released 2015-07-01

Release information
Release notes:

- Automation of event generation for loop-induced processes


OM+VH: Automation of event generation for loop-induced processes.
OM: Automatic change of the p/j definition to include the b particle if the model has a massless b.
RF: Reduce the collision energy for the soft and collinear tests: for 100TeV collider many were failing
     due to numerical instabilities.
OM: Fixing bug associate to the epsilon_ijk structure
OM: Fix a crash in MadWidth which occurs for some 4 body decay
PT: Fixed a bug concerning the use of Herwig++ with LHAPDF. Bug was introduced in 2.3.0.beta
OM: Fix a crash in ALOHA for form-factor in presence of fermion flow violation

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download icon MG5_aMC_v2.4.0.beta.tar.gz (md5) MG5_aMC_v2.4.0.beta 2,829
last downloaded 3 weeks ago
download icon MG5_aMC_v2.3.3.tar.gz (md5) MG5_aMC_v2.3.3 9,120
last downloaded 5 days ago
Total downloads: 11,949

2.2.x (split and conquer) release from the 2.0 series released 2014-09-23

Release information
Release notes:

- General mixed order corrections in MadLoop (only), including QCD/EW/QED and the UFO@NLO model 'loop_qcd_qed_sm'.
- Re-design of both the tree and MadLoop matrix elements output to compute contributions of different coupling order combinations independently from one another.
- Tensor integral reduction as implemented in PJFry and IREGI readily available and interfaced to MadLoop's output
- AAPLGRID mode added arXiv:1406.7693


2.2.0(24/09/14) VH: General mixed order corrections in MadLoop (only), including QCD/EW/QED and
                    the UFO@NLO model 'loop_qcd_qed_sm'.
                VH: Re-design of both the tree and MadLoop matrix elements output to compute
                    contributions of different coupling order combinations independently from one another.
                VH+HS: Tensor integral reduction as implemented in PJFry and IREGI readily available
                    and interfaced to MadLoop's output.
                VH: Re-structuring of MadLoop's standalone output so as to easily create a single dynamic
                    library including many processes at once. Useful for interfacing MadLoop to other MC's
                    and already working with Sherpa.
                VH+HS: This branch contains all the fixes for proper treatment of the latest BSM@NLO models
                    produced by FeynRules@NLO. In particular, the fixed related to the presence of majorana
                    particles in loop ME's.
                RF: Corrected the behaviour of the pdfcode parameter in the shower_card for NLO+PS runs.
                PT: Redesigned shower_card.dat and eliminated modbos options for Herwig6
                RF: Change the SPINUP information in the NLO LHEF from 0 to 9 (i.e. sum over helicities)
                RF: Fixed a bug in the check on the determination of the conflicting BWs.
                RF: Added the aMCfast+APPLgrid interface (arXiv:1406.7693 [hep-ph])
                PT: Redesigned shower_card.dat and eliminated modbos options for Herwig6
                RF: Change the SPINUP information in the NLO LHEF from 0 to 9 (i.e. sum over helicities)
                RF: Fixed a bug in the check on the determination of the conflicting BWs.
                MZ: enabled LHAPDF6 interface
                OM: Fixed a crash in some HEFT merging case.
                OM: Fix various compatibility problem created by the LHEFv3 version (Thanks to S. Brochet)
                OM: Fix a bug for MadSpin in gridpack mode
                OM: Add a routine to check the validity of LHE file (check_event command)
                OM: Fix bug for UFO model with custom propagators
                OM: Fix Bug in the computation of cross-section in presence of negative contribution
                OM: Change colorflow information of LHE file in presence of two epsilon_ijk
                    since PY8 was not able to handle such flow in that format.
                OM: Add the function print_result for aMC@(n)LO run.
                OM: Add some shortcut in the card edition
                    set ebeam 500 # edit both beams
                    set lpp 0 # edit both lpp1 and lpp2
                    set lhc 14 # configure for LHC 14TeV
                    set ilc 1000 # configure for ilc 1TeV
                    set fixed_scale 100 # set all scale to fixed and at 100GeV
                    set showerkt T # set showerkt on T in the shower card
                    set qcut 20 # set the qctu to 20 in the shower card
                OM: Fix a bug in the card edition mode which was sometimes returning to default value
                    which were edited by hand and not via the set command.
                Seoyoung Kim (by OM): Implementation of the htcaas (super-)cluster support.
                Juan Rojo (by RF): extended the 3 internal NNPDF sets for scales relevant for a 100TeV collider.
                OM: Fix a problem with the creation of DJR plot with root 6
                OM: allow the set the width to Auto in NLO computation (width computated at LO accuracy)
                OM: Adding the possibility to have automatic plot after the parton shower for Herwig6/Pythia6.
                    This require MadAnalysis and the pythia-pgs package.

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download icon MG5_aMC_v2.3.0.beta.tar.gz (md5) MG5_aMC v2.3.0.beta featuring loop-induced processes simulation. 2,099
last downloaded 4 days ago
download icon MG5_aMC_v2.2.3.tar.gz (md5) MG5_aMC_v2.2.3 5,756
last downloaded 5 days ago
Total downloads: 7,855

2.1.x (MadWeight) release from the 2.0 series released 2014-02-21

Release information
Release notes:

               MADWEIGHT RELEASE:

                OM+PA: First Official release of MadWeight inside MG5_aMC
                      Main update:
                        - ISR corrections
                        - possibility to use narrow-width approximation
                        - introducing a module for the pre-selection of the parton-jet assignment.
                        - extended formalism for the transfer function (more generic)
                        - possibility to evaluate the weights for multiple choices of transfer function
                          on the same phase-space point. The phase-space is optimized for the first set of
                      Speed update:
                        - More eff...

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download icon MG5_aMC_v2.1.2.tar.gz (md5) MG5_aMC_v2.1.2 2,338
last downloaded 11 weeks ago
Total downloads: 2,338

2.0.x (first release) release from the 2.0 series released 2013-12-14

File Description Downloads
download icon MG5_aMC_v2.0.2.tar.gz (md5) MG5_aMC_v2.0.2 615
last downloaded 11 weeks ago
download icon MG5_aMC_v2.1.0.MadWeight.beta.tar.gz (md5) MG5_aMC_v2.1.0_beta 70
last downloaded 11 weeks ago
Total downloads: 685

beta1 release from the 3.0 series released 2018-05-01

Release information
Release notes:

     RF+SF+VH+DP+HS+MZ: Allow for the computation of NLO EW corrections (and more subleading NLO corrections).
         [Note: when requiring NLO corrections ([QCD], [QED] or [QCD QED]), internally the code always treats this [Q\
         and then uses the coupling orders to specify which contributions should be considered. Among other things, t\
his means
         that when doing QCD corrections only --contrary to previous versions-- also loop diagrams with non-QCD-charg\
         particles will be included (e.g., the pentagons in Higgs production via vector-boson fusion).]
     HS: inclusion of SMWidth for fast evaluation of NLO accurate widths for all SM particles
     RF+SF: Resonance-aware phase-space mapping for NLO computations
     RF: Reduction of the number of jobs...

File Description Downloads
download icon MG5_aMC_v3.0.0.beta.tar.gz (md5) MG5aMC_3.0.beta 24
last downloaded 7 weeks ago
Total downloads: 24

1.5.0 (beyond HELAS) release from the trunk series released 2012-09-29

Release information
Release notes:

New features in this release includes:
- Support for complex mass scheme
- Support for Feynman gauge
- Automatic calculation of 1->2 decay widths for any FeynRules model
- Defining run and model parameters directly in the MadGraph and MadEvent interfaces, facilitating scanning over parameters
- Support for spin-3/2 particles
- Support for 4-fermion interactions from FeynRules (note that Majorana particles and fermion flow violating interactions are still not supported)
- Auto-update of MadGraph 5
- Faster ALOHA package
- Support for fixed-target and massive initial state kinematics
- Support for negative weights from PDFs and matrix element
- Optimized evaluation of processes with conflicting resonances
- Improved random seed treatment
- Faster cluster running by use of local temp disk


1.5.14 (27/11/13) OM: Add warning about the fact that newprocess_mg5 is going to be remove in MG5_aMC_V2.0.0
                  OM: Improved cluster submision/re-submition control.

1.5.13 (04/11/13) OM: Implement a function which check if jobs submitted to cluster are correctly runned.
                      In case of failure, you can re-submitted the failing jobs automatically. The maximal
                      number of re-submission for a job can be parametrize (default 1) and how long you have to
                      wait before this resubmission [to avoid slow filesystem problem, i.e. condor](default 300s)
                      Supported cluster for this function: condor, lsf, pbs
                  OM: Fix a problem when more than 10k diagrams are present for a given subprocesses.
                  BF: Change nmssm model (The couplings orders were not correctly assigned for some triple
                      Higgs interactions)
                  OM: use evince by default to open eps file instead of gv.
                  OM: Fix a problem with the set command for the card edition for the mssm model.
                  OM: Update EWdim6 paper according to the snowmass paper. (3 more operator)
                      The default model is restricted in order to exclude those operators. In order
                      to have those you have to use import model EWdim6-full
                  OM: Fix bug #1243189, impossible to load v4 model if a local directory has the name of
                      the models (which is present in the models directory)
                  OM: Fix a bug in the complex mass scheme in the reading of the param_card (it was clearly stated)
                  OM: Improve numerical stability of the phase-space point generation. (thanks Z. Surujon)

1.5.12 (21/08/13) OM: Improve phase-space integration for processes with strong MMJJ cut. Cases where
                      the cross-section were slightly (~4%) under-evaluated due to such strong cut.
                  OM: Add a command print_results in the madevent interface. This command print the
                      cross-section/number of events/...
                  OM: change the way prompt color is handle (no systematic reset). Which provides better
                      result when the log is printed to a file. (thanks Bae Taegil)
                  OM: Fix Bug #1199514: Wrong assignment of mass in the lhe events file if the initial
                      state has one massive and one massless particles. (Thanks Wojciech Kotlarski)
                  OM: Fix a compilation problem for SLC6 for the installation of pythia-pgs
                  OM: Fix a crash linked to bug #1209113.
                  OM: Fix a crash if python is not a valid executation (Bug #1211777)
                  OM: Fix a bug in the edition of the run_card if some parameters were missing in the cards
                      (Bug #1183334)

1.5.11 (21/06/13) OM: Fix CRITICAL bug (returning wrong cross-section) for processes with more than
                      one W decaying leptonically. For such processes the lepton cuts were also used
                      on the neutrino particle reducing the cross-section. This bug was present only
                      for group_subprocesses=True (the default)
                  OM: Fix Bug #1184213: crash in presence of JIL mechanism (occur on some
                      LINUX computer only)
                  OM: The compilation of madevent is now performed by the number of core specify
                      in the configuration file. Same for pythia, ...
                  OM: Improve support for Read-Only system
                  OM: Fix a bug with the detection of the compiler when user specifiy a specific
                  OM: Fix a problem that MG5 fails to compute the cross-section/width after that
                      a first computation fails to integrate due to a wrong mass spectrum.
                  OM: Fix a wrong output (impossible to compile) for pythia in presence of photon/gluon
                      propagator (introduce in 1.5.8)
                  OM: Allow to have UFO model with "goldstone" attribute instead of "GoldstoneBoson", since
                      FR change convention in order to match the UFO paper.

1.5.10 (16/05/13) OM: Fix Bug #1170417: fix crash for conjugate routine in presence of
                      massless propagator. (introduce in 1.5.9)
                  OM: Fix question #226810: checking that patch program exists before
                      trying to update MG5 code.
                  OM: Fix Bug #1171049: an error in the order of wavefunctions
                      making the code to crash (introduce in 1.5.7)
                  OM: Allow to use an additional syntax for the set command.
                      set gauge = Feynman is now valid. (Was not valid before due to the '=')
                  OM: Fix By Arian Abrahantes. Fix SGE cluster which was not working when
                      running full simulation (PGS/Delphes).
                  OM: adding (Thanks to Aurelijus Rinkevicius for having
                      written the routine)
                  OM: Fix Bug #1177442. This crash occurs only for very large model.
                      None of the model shipped with MG5 are impacted.
                  OM: Fix Question #228315. On some filesystem, some of the executable
                      loose the permission to be executable. Recover those errors
                  OM: Modify the diagram enhancement technique. When more diagram have
                      the same propagator structure we still combine them but we now include
                      the interference term in the enhancement technique for those diagrams.
                      This fix a crash for some multi-jet process in presence of non diagonal
                      ckm matrices.

1.5.9 (01/06/13) JA: Fix bug in identification of symmetric diagrams, which could
                      give the wrong propagators included in event files for certain
                      processes (such as p p > z z j, z > l+ l-). Apart from the
                      propagators (with status 2) in the event file, this bug didn't
                      affect any other results (such as distributions).
                  JA: Fix problem in gensym which made some decay chain processes
                      slower than they should be. Thanks Eric Mintun for reporting.
                  JA: Fix problem in event clustering (introduced in v. 1.5.8)
                      which made events from some processes fail Pythia running.
                  JA: Fixed bug #1156474, Pythia 8 C++ matrix element output for
                      decay chain processes such as p p > z j, z > j j.
                      (Bug #1156474)
                  JA + OM: Automatically remove libpdf and libgeneric before survey,
                      so everything works automatically when switching between
                      built-in PDFs and LHAPDF.
                  JA: Allow syntax / to remove particles in the define command.
                      Example: define q = p / g
                  JA: Added fat warning if any decay process in a decay chain
                      includes a particle decaying to itself (as is the case
                      if you do w+ > all all, since you include w+ > w+ a).
                  JA: Forbid running newprocess_mg5 from a process directory
                      that has already been generated, to avoid confusion.
                  OM: Fix lxplus server issue (Bug #1159929)
                  OM: Fix an issue when MG5 directory is on a read only disk
                      (Bug #1160629)
                  OM: Fix a bug which prevent to have the pythia matching plot/cross-section
                      in some particular case.
                  OM: Support of new UFO convention allowing to define custom propagator.
                      (Both in MG5 and ALOHA)
                  OM: Change ALOHA default propagator to have a specific expression for the
                      massless case allowing to speed up matrix element computation with
                  OM: Correct the default spin 3/2 propagator (wrong incoming/outcoming
                  ML (by OM): Adding support of the SLURM cluster. Thanks to
                      Matthew Low for the implementation.
                  OM: Fixing the standalone_cpp output for the mssm model. (only model impacted)
                      Thanks to Silvan S Kuttimalai for reporting.
                  OM: Fix Bug #1162512: Wrong line splitting in cpp when some name were very long.
                      (shorten the name + fix the splitting)
1.5.8 (05/03/13) OM: Fix critical bug introduce in 1.5.0. ALOHA was wrongly written
                      HELAS routine for expression containing expression square.
                      (like P(-1,1)**2). None of the default model of MG5 (like sm/mssm)
                      have such type of expression. More information in bug report #1132996
                      (Thanks Gezim)
                  OM+JA: install Delphes now installs Delphes 3
                      [added command install Delphes2 to install Delphes 2]
                  OM: Add command in MadEvent interface: add_time_of_flight
                      This command modifies the lhe events file by adding the time of
                      flight information in the lhe events. To run this you need to do
                      $> ./bin/madevent
                      MGME> generate_events --laststep=parton -f
                      MGME> add_time_of_flight
                      MGME> pythia [if needed]
                  OM: Fix bug in pythia8 output for process using decay chains syntax.
                      See bug #1099790.
                  CDe+OM: Update EWdim6 model
                  OM: Fix a bug preventing model customized via the "customize_model"
                      command to use the automatic width computation.
                  OM: Change model restriction behavior: a value of 1 for a width is
                      not treated as a restriction rule.
                  OM: Fix incomplete restriction of the MSSM model leading to inefficient
                      process merging (and larger-than-necessary files) for the MSSM.
                  OM: Correct bug #1107603 (problem with condor cluster for submission
                      associated to a large number of jobs). Thanks Sanjay.
                  JA: Fix one part of the problem in bug #1123974: take into
                      account invariant mass cuts mmXX above the peak range in
                      s-channel resonances in the phase space integration,
                      to make sure such channels find events even for narrow
                      invariant mass cut ranges. Please note the discussion in
                      that bug report for other types of channels however.
                  JA: Fixed bug #1139303: matrix elements for identical
                      decay chain processes with different propagators (such as
                      p p > w+, w+ > e+ ve and p p > w-, w- > vm~ mu-)
                      are now no longer combined, to ensure that resonances are
                      correctly represented in event file.
                  OM: Support lhapdf set which contains photon (See bug #1131995).
                  RF+JA: Reuse last two PDF calls also for LHAPDF PDFs, clarify code
                      for reuse of PDFs in pdg2pdf.f and pdg2pdf_lhapdf.f
                  OM: Update the default delphes card to latest Delphes version. This
                      default card is automatically overwritten by the default Delphes
                      card when running "install Delphes".
                  JA: Make sure cuts are only checked once per event - this can save
                      a lot of time for multiparton event generation.
                  OM: Fix Bug #1142042 (crash in gridpack).
1.5.7 (15/01/13) OM+JA: Fixed crash linked to model_v4 for processes containing wwww or
                      zzww interactions. (See bug #1095603. Thanks to Tim Lu)
                  OM: Fix a bug affecting 2>1 process when the final states particles is
                      (outcoming fermion) introduced in version 1.5.0. (Thanks to
                      B. Fuks)
                  OM+JA: Fix a problem of fermion flow for v4 model (thanks to A. Abrahantes)
                  OM+DBF: Change the automatically the electroweak-scheme when passing to
                      complex-mass scheme: the mass of the W is the an external parameter
                      and Gf is an internal parameter fixed by LO gauge relation.
                  OM+DBF: Remove the model sm_mw of the model database.
                  OM: Fix problem in the ./bin/mg5 file command when some question are
                      present in the file.
                  OM: Extend support for ~ and ${vars} in path.
                  OM: Fix a crash in multi_run for more than 300 successive runs.
                      (Thanks to Diptimoy)
                  OM: Allow to choose the center of mass energy for the check command.
                  OM: small change in the pbs cluster submission (see question #218824)
                  OM: Adding possibility to check gauge/lorentz/...for 2>1 processes.
1.5.6 (20/12/12) JA: Replaced error with warning when there are decay processes
                      without corresponding core processes final state (see
                      Question #216037). If you get this warning, please check
                      carefully the process list and diagrams to make sure you
                      have the processes you were expecting.
                  JA: Included option to set the highest flavor for alpha_s reweighting
                      (useful for 4-flavor matching with massive b:s). Note that
                      this does not affect the choice of factorization scale.
                  JA: Fixed Bug #1089199, where decay processes with symmetric
                      diagrams were missing a symmetry factor.
                      Note that this only affects decay processes (A > B C ..)
                      with multiple identical particles in the final state and
                      some propagators not able to go on the mass shell.
                  JA: Updated the restriction cards for the sm model to set
                      Yukawa couplings equal to the corresponding masses
                      (in order to avoid stupid gauge check failures).

1.5.5 (18/11/12) JA: Fixed Bug #1078168, giving asymmetries in X+gamma generation
                      (e.g. Z+gamma) when ickkw=1 and pdfwgt=T. Thanks Irakli!
                  JA: Ensure that t-channel single top gives non-zero cross section
                      even if maxjetflavor=4 (note that if run with matching,
                      maxjetflavor=5 is necessary for correct PDF reweighting).
                  OM: Fixed Bug #1077877. Aloha crashing for pseudo-scalar, 3 bosons
                      interactions (introduces in 1.5.4)
                  OM: Fix Bug for the command "check gauge". The test of comparing
                      results between the two gauge (unitary and Feynman) was not
                      changing the gauge correctly.
                  OM: Improvment in LSF cluster support (see bug #1071765) Thanks to
                      Brian Dorney.

1.5.4 (11/11/12) JA: Fixed bug in (introduced in v. 1.5.0) for
                      processes with 5 final-state particles, which prevented
                      matching to Pythia to work properly (thanks Priscila).
                  OM: Fix Bug #1076043, error in kinematics for e- p collisions,
         thanks to Uta Klein (introduced in 1.5.0).
                  JA: Fix Bug #1075525, combination of decay processes for
                      particle and antiparticle (e.g. w+ > all all and
                      w- > all all), thanks Pierre.
                  OM: Fix a compilation crash due to aloha (thanks Tim T)
                  JA: Fixed dynamical scale settings for e- p collisions.
                  JA: Fixed running LHAPDF on a cluster with cluster_temp_path.
                  JA: Ensure that the seed is stored in the banner even when Pythia
                      is run (this was broken in v. 1.5.0).
                  JA: Improved and clarified phase space presetting for processes
                      with competing BWs.

1.5.3 (01/11/12) OM: Fix a crash in the gridpack mode (Thanks Baris Altunkaynak)
                  OM: Fix a crash occuring on cluster with no central disk (only
                      condor by default) for some complicated process.
                  OM: If launch command is typed before any output command,
                      "output madevent" is run automatically.
                  OM: Fix bug preventing to set width to Auto in the mssm model.
                  OM: Allow "set width PID VALUE" as an additional possibility to
                      answer edit card function.
                  OM: Improve ME5_debug file (include now the content of the
                      proc_card as well).

1.5.2 (11/10/12) OM: Fix bug for mssm model. The param_card was not read properly
                      for this model. (introduce in 1.5.0)
                  OM: If the code is run with an input file (./bin/mg5 cmd.cmd),
                      all question not answered in the file will be answered by the
                      default value. Note that piped input still can be used.
                  OM: Fixing a bug preventing to use the "set MH 125" command in a
                      script file.
                  JA: Fixed a bug in format of results.dat file for impossible
                      configurations in processes with conflicting BWs.
                  OM: Adding command "launch" in madevent interface which is the
                      exact equivalent to the launch command in the MG5 interface
                      in madevent output.
                  OM: Secure the auto-update, since we receive some report of incomplete
                      version file information.

1.5.1 (06/10/12) JA: Fixed symmetry factors in non-grouped MadEvent mode
                      (bug introduced in v. 1.5.0).
                  JA: Fixed phase space integration problem with multibody
                      decay processes (thanks Kentarou for finding this!).
                  OM: Fix that standalone output was not reading correctly the param_card
                      (introduce in 1.5.0)
                  OM: Fix a crash when trying to load heft
                  OM: Fix the case when the UFO model contains one mass which
                      has the same name as another parameter up to the case.
                  OM: Fix a bug for result lower than 1e-100 those one are now
                      consider as zero.
                  OM: Fix a bug present in the param_card create by width computation
                      computation where the qnumbers data were written as a float
                      (makes Pythia 6 crash).

1.5.0 (29/09/12) OM: Allow MG5 to run in complex mass scheme mode
                      (mg5> set complex_mass True)
                  OM: Allow MG5 to run in feynman Gauge
                      (mg5> set gauge Feynman)
                  OM: Add a new command: 'customize_model' which allow (for a
                      selection of model) to fine tune the model to your need.
                  FR team: add a file in the UFO format, this files
                      contains the analytical expression for one to two decays
           OM: implement a function for computing the 1 to 2 width on
                      the fly. (requires MG5 installed on the computer, not only
                      the process directory)
                  OM: The question asking for the edition of the param_card/run_card
                      now accepts a command "set" to change values in those cards
                      without opening an editor. This allow simple implemetation
                      of scanning. (Thanks G. Durieux to have push me to do it)
                  OM: Support UFO model with spin 3/2
                  OM + CDe: Support four fermion interactions. Fermion flow
                       violation/Majorana are not yet allowed in four fermion
                  OM + PdA: Allow Large Extra Dimension Model (LED) to run in the
                      MG5 framework.
                  OM: Add auto-detection if MG5 is up-to-date and propose to
                      apply a patch if not.
                  OM: MadEvent changes automatically the compiler according to
                      the value present in the configuration file.
                  OM: Aloha modifications: faster to create routines and more
                      optimized routines (up to 40% faster than previous version).
                  OM: Aloha now supports Lorentz expression with denominator.
                  OM: Improve error message when Source didn't compile properly.
                  OM: The numerical evaluation of the matrix element requires now
                      less memory than before (madevent and standalone output)
                  OM: Fix a series of bugs with the madevent command 'remove' and
                  JA: Ensure identical results for identical seeds also with
                      multiple runs in the same directory. Note that identical runs
                      with previous versions can't be guaranteed (but different
                      seeds are guaranteed to give statistically independent runs).
                      Save the results.dat files from all runs.
                  JA: Amended kinematics to correctly deal with the case of
                      massive beams, as well as fixed-target proton collisions.
                  JA: Changed default in the run_card.dat to use -1 as "no cut"
                      for the max-type cuts (etaj, ptjmax, etc.).
                  JA: Added support for negative weights in matrix elements
                      (as required for interference-only terms) and PDFs.
                  JA: Avoid creating directories for integration channels
                      that can not give events based on BW settings
                      (further improvement compared to v. 1.4.8).
                  JA: Optimize phase space integration when there are resonances
                      with mass above ECM.
                  JA: Fixed issue in script with more than 9 particles
                      in an event.
                  JA+OM: Allow cluster run to run everything on a local (node) disk.
                      This is done fully automatically for condor cluster.
                      For the other clusters, the user should set the variable
                      "cluster_temp_path" pointing to a directory (usefull only if
                      the directory is on the node filesystem). This still requires
                      access to central disk for copying, event combination,
                      running Pythia/PGS/Delphes etc.
                  OM: Replace fortran script combine_runs by a python script.
                      This script allows to be more stable when running on clusters
                      with slow filesystem response (bugs #1050269 and #1028844)
                  JA: Ensure that process mirroring is turned off for decay
                      processes of type A > B C...

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download icon MadGraph5_v1.5.14.tar.gz (md5) MadGraph5 v1.5.14 2,125
last downloaded 3 weeks ago
download icon MadGraph5_v2.0.0.beta3.tar.gz (md5) MG5 v2.0.0.beta3 1,154
last downloaded 11 weeks ago
Total downloads: 3,279

1.4.0 (PyMadEvent) release from the trunk series released 2012-02-04

Release information
Release notes:

1.4.0 (04/02/12) OM: New user interface for the madevent run. Type:
                      1) (from madevent output) ./bin/madevent
                      2) (from MG5 command line) launch [MADEVENT_PATH] -i
                      This interface replaces various script like refine,
                      survey, combine, run_..., rm_run, ...
                      The script generate_events still exists but now calls
                 OM: For MSSM model, convert param_card to SLAH1. This card is
                      converted to SLAH2 during the MadEvent run since the UFO
                      model uses SLAH2. This allows to use Pythia 6,
                      as well as having a coherent definition for the flavor.
                 JA+OM: For decay ...

Changelog: (21/08/12) JA: Ensure that the correct seed is written also in the .lhe
                       file header.
                   JA: Stop run in presence of empty results.dat files
                       (which can happen if there are problems with disk access
                       in a cluster run).
                   JA: Allow reading up to 5M weighted events in combine_events. (30/07/12) OM: Allow AE(1,1), AE(2,2) to not be present in SLAH1 card
                       (1.4.8 crashes if they were not define in the param_card)
                   OM: Add a button Stop-job for the cluster and make nicer output
                       when the user press Ctrl-C during the job.

1.4.8 (24/07/12) JA: Cancel running of integration channels where the BW
                      structure makes it impossible to get any events. This
                      can significantly speed up event generation for processes
                      with conflicting BWs.
                  JA: Minor modification of integration grid presetting in
                      myamp.f, due to the above point.
                  JA: Raise exception if a decay process has decaying particles
                      that are not present in the corresponding core process
                      (this might help avoid syntax mistakes).
                  JA: Fixed subprocess group combination also for the case
                      when different process flags @N are given to different
                      decays of the same core process (sorry, this was missed
                      in v. 1.4.7).
                  JA: Fixed crash for process p p > w+ w+ j j t t~ when all
                      w and t/t~ are decayed (bug #1017912, thanks to Nicolas
                  JA: Fixed array dimension for diagrams with a single s-channel
                      propagator (caused crash for certain compilers, bug #1022415
                      thanks Sho Iwamoto).
                  JA: Fixed crash for identical decay chains for particle-anti-
                      particle when only one of the two is decayed, introduced
                      in v. 1.4.7 (thanks John Lee).
                  OM: Ensure that matching plots are replaced correctly when
                      Pythia is run reusing a tag name.
                  OM: Improved check for YE/AE, YU/AU, YD/AD for first two
                      generations in SLHA1<->2 converter (thanks Abhishek).

1.4.7 (25/06/12) JA: Change the random seed treatment to ensure that the original
                      seed is stored in the banner (this was broken in v. 1.4.0).
                      If a non-zero seed is given in the run_card, this seed
                      is used as starting value for the SubProcesses/randinit file,
                      while the seed in the run_card is set to 0.
                      This way, the seed for a multi_run is automatically
                      updated in the same way as for individual runs.
                  TS + JA: Fix problem with duplicate random seeds above 64000.
                      Now, random seeds up to 30081*30081 can safely be used.
                  JA: Turn off automatic checking for minimal coupling orders
                      in decay processes A > B C ...
                  JA: Ensure that automatic coupling order determination works
                      also for effective theories with multiple orders in an
                      interaction (thanks Claude and Gizem Ozturk).
                  JA: Optimize phase space integration and event generation
                      for decay processes with very squeezed mass spectrum.
                  JA: Ensure that identical matrix elements in different process
                      definitions are combined also when using the decay chain
                      formalism (thanks to Zhen Liu for pointing this out).
                  BF+JA: Updated the NMSSM model to the latest FR version.
                  OM: Change EW_dim6 to remove all interactions which don't
                      impact three boson scattering.
                  JA: Fixed problem in matrix element combination which allowed
                      non-identical matrix elements to be combined in certain
                      complicated processes (such as p p > l vl l vl l vl),
                      resulting in lines with Z > e+ mu- in the event file
                      (bug #1015032, thanks Johannes E for reporting).
                  JA: Fixed minor typo in myamp.f.
                  OM: fixed minor behavior restriction of multi_run (Thanks to
                      Joachim Kopp).
                  OM: Improved condor cluster support when the cluster is
                      unresponsive (should avoid some crashes on the web).
                  JA: Fixed support for color sextets in addmothers.f
                      (thanks Nicolas Deutschmann for reporting).
                  JA: Make sure that also the SubProcesses directories are
                      cleaned when running bin/compile in a gridpack.
                  JA: Removed the confusing makefile in Template and replace it
                      with scripts to create madevent.tar.gz and gridpack.tar.gz.

1.4.6 (16/05/12) JA: Added cuts on lepton pt for each of the 4 hardest leptons
                  OM: allow bin/madevent script to be run with a single line command:
                example ./bin/madevent multi_run 10
            OM: Adding the 4 higgs interactions in the standard model UFO model
                  JA: Added new restriction card for the sm model with massive
                      muon and electron, and non-zero tau decay width
                  JA: Ensure assignment of colors to intermediate propagators
                      works also in fermion flow- and color flow-violating
                      RPV processes (thanks Brock Tweedie for finding this).
                  JA: Fix crash for certain fermion flow violating decay chains
                      (introduced in v. 1.3.27) (again thanks to Brock Tweedie).
                  JA: Fix crash for decay chains with multiple decays involving
                      the same particles (thanks Steve Blanchet for reporting)
                  JA+OM: Fix crash for Pythia8 output with multiparticle vertices
                      (thanks to Moritz Huck for reporting this.)
                  OM: Fixing ALOHA output for C++/python.
                  OM: Fix a crash occuring when trying to create an output on
                      an existing directory (thanks Celine)

1.4.5 (11/04/12) OM: Change the seed automatically in multi_run. (Even if the seed
                      was set to a non automatic value in the card.)
                  OM: correct a minor bug #975647 (SLAH convention problem)
                      Thanks to Sho Iwamoto
                  OM: Improve cluster support (more secure and complete version)
                  JA: Increased the number of events tested for non-zero helicity
                      configurations (needed for goldstino processes).
                  OM: Add a command to remove the file RunWeb which were not always
                      deleted correctly
                  OM+JA: Correct the display of number of events and error for Pythia
                     in the html files.
                  OM: Changed the way the stdout/stderr are treated on the cluster
                      since some cluster cann't support to have the same output file
                      for both. (thanks abhishek)

1.4.4 (29/03/12) OM: Added a command: "output aloha" which allows to creates a
               subset (or all) of the aloha routines linked to the
                      current model
                  OM: allow to choose the duration of the timer for the questions.
                      (via ./input/mg5_configuration.txt)
                  OM: Allow UFO model where G is not defined.
                  OM: allow to use ~,~user, ${var} in the path. Improve support
                      for path containing spaces.
                  JA: Fixed LHAPDF functionality which was broken in v. 1.4.0
                  JA: Allow non-equal mixing angles in mssm restrict cards
                      (as needed for cards from some spectrum generators)
                  JA: Fixed script for complicated events such as
                      p p > t t~ + jets with decays of t and t~.
                  JA: Added GE cluster to the list in
                  JA: Allow up to 1M events in a single run. Note that the
                      unweighting (combine events) step gets quite slow with
                      so many events. Also note that if Pythia is run, still
                      maximum 50k events is recommended in a single run.
                  OM: Fix problem linked to filesystem which makes new files
                      non executables by default. (bug #958616)
                  JA: Fixed buffer overflow in gen_ximprove when number of
                      configs > number of diagrams due to competing resonances
                      (introduced in v. 1.4.3).

1.4.3 (08/03/12) JA: Reintroduced the possibility to completely forbid
                      s-channel diagrams, using the $$ notation. Note that
                      this should be used with great care, since the result
                      is in general not gauge-invariant. It is in general
                      better to use the $ notation, forbidding only onshell
                      s-channel particles (the inverse of decay chains).
                  JA: Automatically ensure that ptj and mmjj are below xqcut
                      when xqcut > 0, since ptj or mmjj > xqcut ruins matching.
                  OM: Add LSF to the list of supported cluster (thanks to Alexis).
                  OM: change the param_card reader for the restrict file.
                      This allow to restrict model with 3 lha id (or more)
                      (thanks to Eduardo Ponton).
                  OM: forbids to run 'generate events' with python 2.4.
                  OM: Include the configuration file in the .tar.gz created on
                      the web (thanks to Simon) .
                  OM: Fix a Mac specific problem for edition of Delphes card.
                      (thanks to Sho Iwamoto).
                  OM: ALOHA modifications:
                       - Change sign convention for Epsilon (matching FR choices)
                       - For Fermion vertex forces that _1 always returns the
                         incoming fermion and _2 returns the outcoming fermion.
                         (This modifies conjugate routine output)
                       - Change the order of argument for conjugate routine
                         to expect IO order of fermion in all cases.
                       Note that the two last modifications matches MG5 conventions
                       and that those modifications correct bugs for interactions
                       a) subject to conjugate routine (i.e. if the model has
                       b) containing fermion momentum dependencies in the Lorentz
                       All model included by default in MG5 (in particular sm/mssm)
                       were not affected by those mismatch of conventions.
                       (Thanks to Benjamin fuks)
                  OM: make acceptance test more silent.
                  OM: return the correct error message when a compilation occur.
                  OM: some code re-factoring.

1.4.2 (16/02/12) JA: Ensure that matching works properly with > 9 final state
                      particles (by increasing a buffer size in event output)
                 OM: add a command "import banner" in order to run a full run
                      from a given banner.
                 OM: Fix the Bug #921487, fixing a problem with home made model
                      In the definition of Particle/Anti-Particle. (Thanks Ben)
                 OM: Fix a formatting problem in me5_configuration.txt
                      (Bug #930101) Thanks to Arian
                 OM: allow to run ./bin/mg5 BANNER_PATH and
                      ./bin/mg5 PROC_CARD_V4_PATH
                 OM: Various small fixes concerning the stability of the html
                 OM: Changes the server to download td since cp3wks05 has an
                      harddisk failures.

1.4.1 (06/02/12) OM: Fix the fermion flow check which was wrongly failing on
                      some model (Thanks to Benjamin)
                 OM: Improve run organization efficiency (which speeds up the
                      code on cluster) (Thanks to Johan)
                 OM: More secure html output (Thanks to Simon)

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Total downloads: 632

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