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Source Code Tarballs Switching To .tar.xz

Written for elementary by Cody Garver on 2015-06-25

From now on most source code tarballs will only be available in .tar.xz

Bag of buglets

Written for Midori by Michael Moroni on 2012-05-16

Time for a bag full of bug fixes. Prominently 0.4.5 has a regression that causes security status to not work at all, so I urge all 0.4.5 users to update immediately.

We fixed potential crasher bugs in the geolocation infobar, about:version on some systems and opening bookmarks from Unity global menu in Ubuntu 12.04.

Problems with wrong page icons in multi-frame sites like Google Mail or Tumbler have been addressed. If WebKit 1.8.0 is available Midori will use its WebKitFaviconDatabase interface to improve page icon consistency.

Chinese users will like that Midori now offers both Simplified and Traditional Chinese charsets out of the box in case you need to override it.

Finally, say goodbye to empty tabs due to opening download links with a target. Kudos to Martin for looking into that!

So download Midori v0.4.6 (951 kB) (MD5) (ChangeLog) already!

Also Midori v0.4.5 Stable for Windows (12 MB) and Midori v0.4.5 Experimental for Windows (30 MB). You are welcome to join #midori on and help testing pre-releases for Windows. YOU can make the difference by helping out!

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Contributor Meeting 7

Written for elementary by Cassidy James on 2012-02-10

Be sure to attend this week's elementary Contributor Meeting held via IRC in #elementary-dev on at 18:00 UTC on Saturday, February 11, 2012 (that's tomorrow!). You may view and add to the working agenda on Google Docs at this link:

The headlining topics expected to be discussed are: the upcoming feature freeze for Luna; the status of individual elementary projects; Granite; and BeatBox's current status/development plan. Additional topics may be added before the meeting as well.

Please drop by, chime in, and let's kick some butt!

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Speeder dials, fancier fonts and forbidden cookie files

Written for Midori by Michael Moroni on 2011-11-11

The time for Midori 0.4.2 has come! Another exciting release of the WebKit-based web browser.

The most crucial bit first: the bookmark dialog crashes are fixed. If nothing else that's
a good reason to upgrade to Midori 0.4.2.

So we have faster, base64-based CSS support for globally valid user stylesheets and adblock rules. And styles can apply to about: and file:// URIs. Parsing of -moz-document which is used to select domains or schemes to apply styles to was improved.

Speed dial received a makeover. It resizes automatically now, has neatly embossed tiles and shows close buttons on hover - which show on the left if your system/ theme expects that. If thumbnails are missing they will be refreshed without intervention.

Cookies are stored in an sqlite3 database. Import of existing data happens in the background. And you can decide whether you want third-party cookies or not, the default is in fact to not accept cookies coming from websites you don't actually visit.

There are loads more of subtle tweaks and improvements. A lot of code was actually refactored and removed to ensure that Midori stays the lightweight it aims to be. See the change log for those details.

Support for GTK+3 is still considered experimental and not recommended for daily use. Build with --enable-gtk3 --disable-addons to try it out.

So download midori v0.4.2 (902 kB) (MD5) (ChangeLog) already!

Stable Windows binaries below. You are welcome to join #midori on and help testing pre-releases for Windows. YOU can make the difference by helping out!

Midori Win32 Archive v0.4.2 (14.5 MB)

And these are experimental, unstable Windows binaries. Lots of known and unknown bugs are the price you pay for being on the bleeding edge. Detailed error reports are especially helpful here. GtkLauncher.exe and gdb.exe are included to make debugging easier. So go wild, as long as you keep in mind that this is not for the fain of heart.

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Building, private browsing and identity crisis

Written for Midori by Michael Moroni on 2011-10-10

So this release builds with WebKitGTK+ >= 1.4.3 without problems and addresses regressions with middle clicking toolbar buttons. Flash window on background tabs works correctly now and cookies are cleared on quit like they should if you enable it.

There's a separate Private Browsing shortcut now so that you can see it in GNOME Shell, Unity, Slingshort or Synapse and also type "private" to easily open a private browsing session. Closed tabs can now be re-opened in private browsing (but won't be saved once you close it as you would expect). You can also see downloaded files in supporting launchers now as recent documents.

The new Automatic option for Identify As now enables built-in compatiblity quirks to work around mis-behaving websites like Google's. You can still choose a genuine Midori identity which doesn't do that.

There's also experimental GTK+3 support thanks to Lucas. For now it is not recommended because there are still issues to sort out. Build with --enable-gtk3 --disable-addons to try it out.

So download midori v0.4.1 already!

There's no Windows update yet, stay tuned! You are welcome to join #midori on and help testing pre-releases for Windows.

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