Midori 0.5.4 "Depanelitis Spedalia"

Freeze: 2013-07-07

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Depanelitis Spedalia
Christian Dywan
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1 982c80311320c1b, 3 André Stösel, 7 Christian Dywan, 1 Corentin Noël, 1 Paul Menzel, 1 Paweł Forysiuk
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Refactor history step and allow multiple title updates
Call midori_browser_connect_tab with correct type
Don't add HistoryCompletion if there's no history
Restore reload button icon in error pages
Don't insert folders into the log
If an url is specified the fallback url should not be loaded
Fixed crashes when closing a loading tab + granite's tab moving
Test if plugins are redundant instead of skipping them all
Avoid selecting bookmark uris that begin by 'javascript:' for completion
Set FOREIGN_KEYS pragma on db initialization
Implement a default zoom level preference
Fix tautological use of G_MAXINT with enum
Take current selection into account for bookmark folders when adding/editing bookmark
Improve error page visuals, show suggestions on network errors
Bump vala to 0.16.0
Downgrade glib requirement to 2.32.3 to re-enable building under Ubuntu 12.04 (LTS)
Bump glib2 version to 2.32.4
Improve and unify thumbnail generation
Omit speed dial and blank pages from view completion
Makes the elements of the speed dial non-selectable
Use NULL-safe comparison in katze_item_icon_loaded_cb
Drop non-DOM style sheet injection code path
Clean small leftovers from GTK and WebKit version bumps
Bump GTK+ requirement to 2.24 and drop support for earlier versions
Check for app mode to set browser icon instead of readonly
Escape square brackets in adblock_fixup_regexp
Fix showing (sub)folders in bookmarkbar
Bump WebKit requirement to 1.8.3 and drop support for earlier versions
Set menu on dynamic notebook tab
Do not run toolbar editor's GtkDialog in its own main loop by prevent calling gtk_dialog_run(). Instead just set the GtkDialog modal and show it.
Remove unnecesary harmful code from tab_switched_cb
Fix segfault when deleteing tabs with history list
Specify int64 id item as a string in bookmark remove/update queries
Distinguish between box and event box in the tab label when colouring tabs
Show visual feedback when hovering over items in bookmark panel
Replace INSTALL/ HACKING with exported Contribute wiki page
Delete tabs from history list with Del
Check brightness of backgroung color when deciding foreground color of given tab
Clean launcher filenames, double-click to open and delete button
Avoid declaring browser twice within the same function
Add ./waf --update-pot
Fix memory leak introduced in r6184
Use old function name g_dbus_generate_guid for old valac
Move Import and Export into menu Bookmarks
Collect multiple download notifications within a minute
Fix segfault when right clicking on a web view.
Make libnotify mandatory except on Windows
Remove the rather unnecessary ./waf --run feature
Send a notification after creating a launcher
Ambiguous 'Open as App' context menu item was removed
Apply label color to label rather than event box
Store data of app mode based on URL in ~/.local/share/midori/apps
Split colorful tabs code into helper functions and add unit tests
Fix History List memory leak when closing Midori window.
Replace .gitignore with a .bzrignore
Always define GCR_VERSION in GTK+2 build
Fix bookmarks dialog rename regression introduced in r6167.
Drop check for gcr-3-gtk2 which isn't being maintained.
Scrap unneeded background variables in location renderer callbacks
Title case and proper packing in bookmark dialog
Delete PO files Launchpad spewed into root directory when it couldn't find po/*.pot file.
Issue a warning when trying to use MIDORI_DEBUG while running
Update dates to 2013 to fix bug #1167075.

0 blueprints and 17 bugs targeted

Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1192479 #1192479 DynamicNotebook tabs are never truly destroyed 2 Critical Corentin Noël  10 Fix Released
1197950 #1197950 No icon on error page Reload button 2 Critical Christian Dywan  10 Fix Released
1200901 #1200901 History saves URLs without title 2 Critical Christian Dywan  10 Fix Released
1200969 #1200969 Completion in private browsing crashes 2 Critical Christian Dywan  10 Fix Released
1201130 #1201130 Open in New Tab in Private Browsing opens window 2 Critical Christian Dywan  10 Fix Released
1023637 #1023637 Provide context menu + API 3 High Christian Dywan  10 Fix Released
1192678 #1192678 No button labels in web app manager 3 High Christian Dywan  10 Fix Released
1200960 #1200960 incompatible pointer types in midori_browser_connect_tab 3 High Christian Dywan  10 Fix Released
1055001 #1055001 Win7 won't use app's page icon in taskbar 4 Medium Paweł Forysiuk  10 Fix Released
1094755 #1094755 Clicking a link while Midori isn't running opens two tabs 4 Medium André Stösel  10 Fix Released
1097670 #1097670 Fix Clang 3.2 warnings 4 Medium Paul Menzel  10 Fix Released
1168824 #1168824 Do not open default homepage when being opened from another app 4 Medium André Stösel  10 Fix Released
1195476 #1195476 Don't match javascript: in bookmarks 4 Medium   10 Fix Released
1197518 #1197518 delete of non empty bookmark folder leaves orphans in database 4 Medium   10 Fix Released
1200125 #1200125 Nspluginwrapper based extensions are missing in the extension list 4 Medium André Stösel  10 Fix Released
1191400 #1191400 Make Speed dial non-selectable 5 Low 982c80311320c1b  10 Fix Released
707026 #707026 Zoom level default and step preferences 6 Wishlist   10 Fix Released
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