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miletrak-0.1a release from the trunk series released 2009-11-18

Release information
Release notes:

First alpha release, still very much under development

Known Issues:
#484554 - don't use the options menu it doesn't work and may have issues.
#484550 - delete all records menu option isn't implemented yet.
#484548 - if you enter two or more records with all the exact same information then they will be both be update/deleted etc. if you edit one of the records
#484543 - if you change the distance number before clicking add it will be overwritten with the data from google maps when the data is written to the database.
#484577 - hard coded values, you can only search locations within ireland.

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download icon MileTrak-0.1a.exe (md5, sig) MileTrak-0.1a Windows Executable 25
last downloaded 56 weeks ago
download icon MileTrak-0.1a.tar.gz (md5, sig) MileTrak-0.1a Source Tarball 299
last downloaded 19 weeks ago
Total downloads: 324