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A simple Minecraft installer that gets the relevant files from Mojang, makes sure the right Java is installed, and creates a launcher with a nice icon.

One day we got sick of the stupid difficult way of downloading, installing, and running Minecraft on elementary OS (or any other Linux-based desktop OS). So Cassidy & Cody wrote an installer script. But the icons were ugly. So Cassidy made new ones. Then Cody Garver, the awesome elementary OS development leader, properly packaged everything up.

### Not Redistribution

Since the script actually goes out to Mojang's servers to get the files, we're not redistributing any of their files. This project is simply an installer for their stuff.

### Icons

The icons are sort of based on the original Mojang texture pack, but styled to fit in perfectly with elementary. They also look great elsewhere. I made them in Inkscape. They're licensed under the [Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported]( license.

### Java

This installer will grab the open source Java implementation that's included in the elementary and Ubuntu repositories. Just a heads up.

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GNU GPL v3, Creative Commons - Attribution Share Alike

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