MiniINI 0.8 released

Written for miniini by Ferdinand Majerech on 2010-06-11

I finished work on MiniINI 0.8. Most changes in this release are under the hood, improving speed and maintainability of the code. The main addition to the interface is support for iteration over INI sections and tags. A tutorial was added to explain use of iteration as well.

Integer and floating point parsing doesn't use C functions strtol and strtof anymore. They were replaced by custom functions, greatly improving performance when reading floats, ints and also somewhat speeding up loading of sequences of numbered tags into arrays.

Due to above parsing changes, hexadecimal, octal integers, scientific notation of floats and thousand separator characters are not supported anymore.

Integer overflows are treated as warnings instead of errors, reading the largest or smallest possible integer.

The bug that caused MiniINI to warn about default section being empty (that caused warnings with any files that had no tags before the first section) is now fixed.

There was also some refactoring work on INISection code and some minor bugfixes.

For more details, see CHANGES.txt inside the package.

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