MiniINI 0.9 released

Written for miniini by Ferdinand Majerech on 2010-07-13

Another release of MiniINI has been completed. MiniINI 0.9 comes with almost no changes to the interface. However, all testing and benchmarking code was rewritten, and there was a focus on improving documentation. Also, some library code was refactored.

Tutorials were rewritten to improve readability. The API documentation has also seen heavy changes. Many bugs were fixed and descriptions should now be more, well, descriptive.

Allocator, INIFile and logging code was refactored.

Regression testing code was completely rewritten, and should be more maintainable now.

Benchmarking code was rewritten, separated from MiniINI code and more benchmarking functionality was added.

All testing and benchmarking scripts were rewritten in Python 3.1 , and again the new code should be more maintainable.

There were also some minor bugfixes.

For more details, see CHANGES.txt inside the package.

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