Milestones belong to a series and can be created from the series page by a project owner or series release manager.

Version Series Expected Released Summary
miniini 0.9 trunk None 2010-07-13
miniini 0.8 trunk None 2010-06-10 Iteration, int and float parsing reimplementation, refactoring, bugfixes.
miniini 0.7.2 trunk None 2010-06-03 A bugfix release fixing memory leaks, conflicts with windows.h, etc.
miniini 0.7.1 trunk None 2010-04-11 A bugfix release removing INISection operator []
miniini 0.7 trunk None 2010-04-10 Multi value tags, more polishing. Tutorials.
miniini 0.6 trunk None 2010-02-27 Polishing, some small features (configurable tag=name separator, headerless i...
miniini 0.5 trunk None 2010-02-18 Refactored code, optimizations, bugfixes.
miniini 0.4 trunk None 2010-01-31 STL interface, loading from buffer, speedup, bugfixes
miniini 0.3 trunk None 2010-01-12 Significant speedup and memory usage decrease thanks to a custom allocator, a...
miniini 0.2 trunk None 2010-01-05 First release. Fairly usable with reading functionality only. No extensions t...