Minimal Desktop for Ubuntu

Registered 2010-01-11 by Anthony Veilleux

A shell script to build the Ubuntu desktop environment from the ubuntu-minimal install.

GNOME + GDM, KDE + KDM and Fluxbox + XDM are currently supported. A new version is released every six months (in line with Ubuntu's update schedule), with sporadic updates following a release. The scope of these updates is random, but generally rather major.

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Anthony Veilleux
Minimal Desktop Drivers
Development focus:

10.10 series 

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GNU GPL v3, MIT / X / Expat Licence
(Version 10.10.2 and earlier are licensed under the terms of the GNU Public License version 3 [ ]. Version 11.04 and later are licensed under the terms of the MIT License [ ].)

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Ubuntu minimal desktop 10.10 series is the current focus of development


Latest version is 10.10.2
released on 2011-01-19

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