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Daniel van Vugt
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- Add unit tests for V/H scroll events.
- surfaces: avoid publishing some internal headers, tidy up default configuration, integrate surfaces report.
- client: Add mir_connection_drm_set_gbm_device()
- graphics: avoid publishing some internal headers.
- Fixed: unity-system-compositor FTBFS on trusty against new Mir (libmirserver9) (LP: #1244192)
- compositor: avoid publishing some internal headers.
- shell: Add set_lifecycle_state() to the Session interface.
- frontend: avoid publishing some internal headers
- logging: avoid publishing some internal headers.
- Allow specifying the nested server name by passing --name= or setting MIR_SERVER_NAME=.
- graphics,gbm: Inform the EGL platform about the used gbm device when using the native GBM platform
- examples: Restore GL state after initializing buffers, fixing crashes observed in render_surfaces (LP: #1234563)
- Continue refactoring the mir android display classes.
- shell: Hoist focus control functions needed by unity-mir into FocusController interface
- client: Remove the timeout for detecting server crashes
- Avoid a race condition that could lead to spurious failures of server shutdown tests (LP: #1245336)
- test_client_input.cpp: Bump reception time-out in client test fixture. (LP: #1227683)
- Ensure StubBufferAllocator returns buffers with the properties requested, and not the same old hardcoded constants.
- Update docs and scripting for trusty.
- compositor: Make DefaultDisplayBufferCompositorFactory private to the compositor component.
- Ignore warnings clang treats as errors, about unused functions being generated from macros in <lttng/tracepoint.h> (LP: #1246590)
- Add resize() support to BufferBundle. This is the first step and lowest level of surface resize support.
- Clean up constants relating to SwitchingBundle.
- Fix the armhf chroot setup script to point to the right library, so cross compiling can work again (LP: #1246975)
- shell: avoid publishing some internal headers.
- input: avoid publishing some internal headers.

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