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kevin gunn
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1 Alan Griffiths, 5 Alberto Aguirre, 5 Alexandros Frantzis, 1 Andreas Pokorny, 3 Daniel van Vugt, 1 Kevin DuBois, 1 Michael Terry, 1 Mir development team
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Release notes 

- mirclient ABI unchanged, still at 7. Clients do not need rebuilding.
- mirserver ABI bumped to 19. Shells need rebuilding.
- More libmirserver class changes and reorganization, including;
   . Moving things from shell:: to scene::
   . Rewriting/refactoring surface factories.
- Swap buffers no longer blocks indefinitely in the case of occlusion or screen off
- Added an id() to Renderable.
- Scene/Renderer interfaces:
  . Scene is no longer responsible for its own iteration (no for_each
        any more). Instead you should iterate over the list returned by
- Bugs fixed see below


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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1256360 #1256360 unity8 crashed with SIGSEGV in glDeleteTextures() from mir::scene::GLPixelBuffer::~GLPixelBuffer() from mir::scene::ThreadedSnapshotStrategy::~ThreadedSnapshotStrategy() 2 Critical Alberto Aguirre  10 Fix Released
1285215 #1285215 Unity fails to start sometimes in CI resulting in screen unlock failure [what(): bind: Address already in use] 2 Critical Alberto Aguirre  10 Fix Released
1292306 #1292306 Qt render gets blocked on EGLSwapBuffers [fka Upon upgrading to Qt5.2 the music app no longer plays the next song if the screen is off] 2 Critical Alexandros Frantzis  10 Fix Released
1296544 #1296544 helgrind: Lock order violated (potential deadlock) in mir::scene::SurfaceStack::emit_change_notification() vs mir::compositor::MultiThreadedCompositor::schedule_compositing() 2 Critical Alberto Aguirre  10 Fix Released
1306464 #1306464 [regression] SwitchingBundle in framedropping mode can hang 2 Critical Alexandros Frantzis  10 Fix Released
1231857 #1231857 [DPMS] Display backlight turns back on almost immediately after being turned off 3 High Alexandros Frantzis  10 Fix Released
1233564 #1233564 Wrong frame is seen on wake up/resume/unlock. 3 High Alexandros Frantzis  10 Fix Released
1299101 #1299101 Nested platform is not testable 3 High Alexandros Frantzis  10 Fix Released
1301040 #1301040 mirplatformgraphics does not have boost program options in its symbol table 3 High Michael Terry  10 Fix Released
1308941 #1308941 [regression] mir_demo_server_shell crashes on display resume [what(): Invalid or inconsistent display configuration] 3 High Daniel van Vugt  10 Fix Released
1234018 #1234018 Multi-threaded composition is actually mostly serialized by SurfaceStack::guard. 4 Medium Kevin DuBois  10 Fix Released
1280938 #1280938 mirscreencast slows down compositing and makes it very jerky 4 Medium Alberto Aguirre  10 Fix Released
1294361 #1294361 mirscreencast can cause clients to render faster than the screen refresh rate 4 Medium Alberto Aguirre  10 Fix Released
1297876 #1297876 Screen turns on when a new session/surface appears 4 Medium Andreas Pokorny  10 Fix Released
1302689 #1302689 FocusController::set_focus_to() no longer seems to raise a session to the top 4 Medium Alan Griffiths  10 Fix Released
1304998 #1304998 mir-doc package is >56MB in size, expands to >100MB of files 4 Medium Daniel van Vugt  10 Fix Released
1301135 #1301135 [regression] clang: 'mir::test::doubles::MockSurface::visible' hides overloaded virtual function [-Woverloaded-virtual] 5 Low Daniel van Vugt  10 Fix Released
1308905 #1308905 [regression] GLRenderer* unit tests have recently become noisy 5 Low Mir development team  10 Fix Released
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