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Daniel van Vugt
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1 Alan Griffiths, 2 Alberto Aguirre, 8 Alexandros Frantzis, 3 Daniel van Vugt, 1 Kevin DuBois, 1 Mir development team
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Release notes 

- Enhancements:
  . Test suite: Reworked mechanism to override Mir client functions
  . Demo shell: Detect custom rendering (decorations) to make it
    compatible with overlay optimizations
  . Make sure to preserve fd resources until the end of the sending
    of the message
  . Add test cases and script for tracking changes to the new ABIs:
    libmircommon, libmirplatform
  . Symbols file for libmirplatform
  . Symbols file for libmircommon
  . Symbols file for libmirserver
  . Various improvements to the SessionMediator test
  . Various build related improvements
  . Print testcase output during package build
  . Abort test when InProcessServer startup fails
  . Link the integration and unit tests against the server objects
  . Add a document detailing the useful tests to run and the useful
    logs to collect when troubleshooting a new android chipset
  . Enable motion event resampling and prediction for a more responsive
    touch experience.
- ABI summary: Servers need rebuilding, but clients do not
  . Mirclient ABI unchanged at 8
  . Mircommon ABI bumped to 1
  . Mirplatform ABI bumped to 2
  . Mirserver ABI bumped to 25
- API changes between Mir 0.6 and 0.7:
  . mirserver: Deleted function - frontend::Shell::create_surface_for().
    If you have the std::shared_ptr<frontend::Session> session, you can
    just do session->create_surface(params) instead to get a SurfaceId.
  . mirplatform: class BufferID has been replaced with a typedef. Also,
    the BufferIPCPacker interface has changed slightly [pack_fd()].
- Lots of bug fixes (see below)


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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1353461 #1353461 File descriptor leak in frontend - PromptSessionClientAPI acceptance test hang consistently after 67 iterations 2 Critical Alexandros Frantzis  10 Fix Released
1358191 #1358191 [regression] Clients are crashing (SIGSEGV) on mir_connect() failure 2 Critical Alexandros Frantzis  10 Fix Released
1358698 #1358698 [regression] Test failure holding up all merge proposals: "File already exists in database: mir_protobuf_wire.proto" 2 Critical Alan Griffiths  10 Fix Released
1353867 #1353867 [regression] Mir clients get caught in an infinite exception loop when the server goes away ("Caught exception at Mir/EGL driver boundary") 3 High Alexandros Frantzis  10 Fix Released
1353961 #1353961 Mir test code (and possibly production code) leaks fds 3 High Mir development team  10 Fix Released
1358210 #1358210 [regression] mir_demo_server_shell segfaults immediately in generate_frame_corner_texture() [amd64], or displays corrupt titlebars [armhf] 3 High Daniel van Vugt  10 Fix Released
1359264 #1359264 Surfaces receive input even while the screen is off 3 High Alberto Aguirre  10 Fix Released
1359406 #1359406 mir should not composite/display buffers when an android driver calls ANativeWindow::cancelBuffer 3 High Alberto Aguirre  10 Fix Released
1340120 #1340120 Some Mir clients spin at 100% CPU if the server dies 4 Medium Alexandros Frantzis  10 Fix Released
1348330 #1348330 mir_demo_server_shell --disable-overlays false renders incorrectly on android 4 Medium Kevin DuBois  10 Fix Released
1353465 #1353465 Intermittent acceptance test failures in NestedServer.* 4 Medium Alexandros Frantzis  10 Fix Released
1354446 #1354446 [regression] Intermittent failure of TestTouchspotVisualizations.* tests 4 Medium Alexandros Frantzis  10 Fix Released
1358625 #1358625 Mir FTBFS in release mode: scroll.cpp: variable ‘rc’ set but not used 4 Medium Daniel van Vugt  10 Fix Released
1359487 #1359487 [regression] Clients never receive mir_surface_visibility_exposed/occluded events in demo shell any more 4 Medium Alexandros Frantzis  10 Fix Released
1362646 #1362646 Build race between gtest/gmock and tests can cause build to fail 4 Medium Alexandros Frantzis  10 Fix Released
1331958 #1331958 mir_demo_client_basic confusingly asserts instead of reporting that there is no server to connect to: `mir_connection_is_valid(mcd.connection)' failed. 5 Low Daniel van Vugt  10 Fix Released
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