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Mlencr is programm for setting up encrypted "mailing lists"

Mlencr is a very small project which aims to be program acting similar like "mailing list" software.
It's licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License version 3 (or at your option) any later version.
(See also

Instead of a solution like using mailing list software and a mail transfer agent it acts more like
a mail user agent, fetching emails from a mail account decrypting them, verify signatures, modify
them (add information about sender etc.) and reencrypt and sign them for each listmember.

This should achieve some advantages:

* The programm should be easier to set up.
* It should work behind your NAT /Firewall.
* It works even if your not having a 24/7 running server (although it is recommended to have one).
* Because it uses normal mail accounts, there should be no problem of mail servers not
  accepting your emails (many do if you set up your own server).
* Depending on your configuration (transparent proxy through tor) no list member (can) directly
   interact with your server. No known ip address or domain name is needed. So attacks should be more

Currently it only works with PGP/MIME messages.
It has support for pop3, pop3s,imap,imaps,smtp and smtps through libvmime >= 0.91.
It is internationalized through GNU Gettext. It logs to syslog. Packaging was done
with GNU Autotools, cryptostuff through libgpgme and filesystem, regular expression etc,
through the boost libraries.

So to build the programm from source be sure to meet the dependency requirements.

The programm was/is written primary for my own needs and i thought i could share it.
You can use the bugtracker or request features, but don't expect to much development effort
from my site. I'm a lousy coder, so you maybe are a much better anyway.

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Amir Abdelaziz
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GNU Affero GPL v3

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