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MLHIM Specifications Development. See for details.

 This sub-project of MLHIM also includes all other documents that relate to the umbrella MLHIM project. The 1.x MLHIM specifications were basically a re-issue of portions of the openEHR 1.0.2 specifications and the 2009 ISO standards on health information.

The writing of the MLHIM 2.x specifications is mature. However, these things must always be considered a work-in-progress.
All interested parties are encouraged to join the developers group at

Development has been move to GitHub:
Both the source (ODT) and PDF versions are available anonymously from the Code repository.

Release distributions will continue to be made available here.

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2.0 series is the current focus of development.

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Latest version is 2.4.6
released on 2015-01-21

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