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mobhotspot is an Infrastructure Wireless Connection Manager
 built specifically for Ubuntu or debian based systems. It is the Ubuntu's open-source
 alternative for Connectify-me in windows and ubuntu's wi-fi hotspot manager.
 1 Compatible with android devices and others with wi-fi.
 2 Flexibility to edit wi-fi settings.
 3 other updates will be soon in mobhotspot 1.1.2

This application will allow you to produce a hotspot connection from your laptop using the Infrastructure method. The advantage of using this system in compare to the conventional built-in method of hotspot in ubuntu is that it is compatible with you android devices. Right now working on 32 bit systems, will develop for 64 bit systems.

1. dnsmasq
2. hostapd

No need to download these already available in the package.


$ sudo dpkg --install mobhotspot.deb

How to use :

A) First time setup :
i) Launch mobhotspot from terminal/dash.
ii) on Connection tab, choose "Setup wizard"
iii) Follow the instruction on the screen

B) Future use :
a) Connection tab
this section shows 4 basic button.
i) Create connection : simply means switch on wifi (if it doesn't work, then click it on again / simply refresh connection.)
ii) Stop connection
iii) Refresh connection : let say that there is something wrong with the connection. If this button does not solve your problem, you may need to either press the " First time setup / Resetup " button.
iv) First time setup / resetup : step by step to set connection.

b) Advanced tab
this section shows :
i) Edit shared wifi settings : to change name or password for your wifi connection. Password must be at least 8 characters long
note : (Root password will be asked before changing because there is a bug in the NO button. )
ii) Edit Internet Source Settings : to change your internet source configuration
iii) Remove root rights : disallow MobHotspot to remember your root password
iv) Peer lookup : see who is sharing your wifi connection. At this moment, Mobhotspot can only provide the MAC address of devices and not their names.

c) About tab :
i) name
iii) Developer
iv) This manual

Project information

GNU GPL v3, Open Software Licence v 3.0

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mobhotspot1.1 series is the current focus of development.

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Latest version is 1.1.1

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