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Version Series Expected Released Summary
mobhotspot 1.0.1 mobhotspot1.0 None 2014-05-28
mobhotspot 1.0.0 mobhotspot1.0 None 2014-05-27
mobhotspot 1.1.2 "Mob-Hotspot" mobhotspot1.1 2014-06-10 2014-06-10 Previous bug for some system 1. libqtGui shared file missing resolved.
mobhotspot 1.1.1 "Mob-Hotspot (Stable)" mobhotspot1.1 2014-06-01 2014-06-01 MobHotspot 1.1.1 1. Bug-free 2. with dependencies, no need to install depend...
mobhotspot 1.0.2 "Stable" mobhotspot1.0 2014-05-29 2014-05-29 This version is stable version of MobHotspot wireless infrastructure service....