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MoreWordsPlease is a simple program written in Python and GTK to learn vocabulary.

MoreWordsPlease is a simple program written in Python and GTK to learn vocabulary. Supported is a card box mode with 5 compartments. Words can be organized in lessons. A function to split and rename lessons is implemented. They also can be renamed. Importing and exporting supports CSV files of different kinds and KVTML files of the KDE Education project. This keeps a huge collection of word files. Data is currently stored in a pickle file but will later changed to the KVTML format of Parley. If you are interested in development you are invited to join. Todays development focus is on stability and bug fixing.

The program is available via the PPA:

Current Features:
- normal learning mode, multiple choice, shuffled characters mode
- several statistics functions
- comments on words can be show in the test window
- change of learning direction
- test window colors correct and incorrect answers
- timers for testing and automatic progress after verification
- possible to not respect capitals on answers
- distance between correct and incorrect answers are show as Levenshtein distance
- import/export with a lot of features (CSV, KVTML)
- unicode support (Chinese, Hangul, ...)
- language support (English, German)
- easy extensible with Python
- Json support (human readable file format)
- number of compartments can be changed
- lessons could be a hierarchy (up to 4 levels)

Future development concentrates on:

- code improvement
- bug fixing


For usage in GNU Linux, e.g. Ubuntu, Suse, Fedora this program is released under GNU GPL v3 license. But not for all other platforms, like Mac OS, Windows, Android, ... This means you are not allowed to copy, improve, change, sell, and to other usage of this program on other platforms than GNU Linux unless you get a valid license. For licencing information contact me:

Remark: There are several other vocabulary programs named voctrain, so this program was renamed to MoreWordsPlease.

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