Movim 0.8 "Polar Aurora"

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Polar Aurora
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 * Refactor the whole Movim sourcecode + clean old code
 * Quite all the Movim widgets are now using a full MVC system
 * Rewrite the core session manager (Sessionx)
 * Add a new localisation system + new translations
 * Move the Movim librairies and dependencies to Composer and convert Modl and Moxl to PSR-0 to simplify the loading and packaging of the libraries
 * Monolog is now the new log library for Movim
 * Lots of warnings fixed
 * Add WebRTC threw Jingle audio-video conferencing
 * Make the UI fully responsible (from smartphone to FullHD screens)
 * The Roster widget has been totally rewriten
 * New picture library manager (with new thumbnail generation system)
 * Better MUC integration in the Chat widget
 * Rich text messages are now supported in the Chat widget
 * Add Vcard4 ( support in the profile
 * Implement the new official Movim API (
 * Huge sourcecode optimisation
 * Rewrite the Administration panel and split it in many little widgets
 * Move the full configuration system to the database (except the database credentials)
 * List all the Movim network pods on a new page
 * Move the all UI to OpenSans
 * Add Title support during post publication
 * New statistics page for the administrators
 * Rewrite the infos page and move it to a widget, move the data structure from XML to JSON
 * Use SASL2 library ( for the XMPP authentication and add SCRAM-SHA1 mechanism support
 * Split the Profile form in 3 littles forms (general, avatar and localisation)
 * Rewrite the Explore page
 * Move from XML to JSON for the browser-server requests
 * Update the locales

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