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MSX BASIC to Z80 assembly converter tool

Create assembly code from your old MSX BASIC programs, and compile it with Pasmo assembler!

  msxbas2asm test.bas
  pasmo test.asm test.rom


  msxbas2asm -c test.bas

After, test your MSX Basic ROM/BIN with a emulator like WebMSX or OpenMSX!

Run it at command line to get more conversion options:


Install it into your Linux system using the commands below:

  sudo add-apt-repository ppa:amaurycarvalho/msxbas2asm
  sudo apt-get update
  sudo apt-get install msxbas2asm

Click on Downloads link to get MSXBas2Asm for Windows 64 bits.

Download Pasmo from:

See the current documentation with command line below:

  msxbas2asm --doc

See the current version with command line below:

  msxbas2asm --ver

Note: MSXBas2Asm it's still an experimental prototype, so it's current status is development in progress.

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Latest version is win64-0.4.6
released on 2020-04-10

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