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MS32O8: MultiSystem's LiveUSB MultiBoot is a multi-boot live USB creator software , specifically the best I Destiny have found so far (my comparison ).
MS32OS: This website is for its not-yet-official-but-notably-improved issue tracking and hopefully docs & more.

MS32OI: The software creates liveUSBs each which boot not just 1 OS but are *multi-boot* (typically a very big advantage in practice) and supports ~300 (the most) boot CD/USBs distributions (as most Linux distros) + 7 (the most ) bootloaders , 26 natural languages, is itself is a live USB/CD & it recursively manages itself, adds persistence to 6 (the most) different distributions, can update all software it installs (except for persistence), and more features.
MS34A6: It's Sourceforge entry is but note that only contains the software's executable plus, for source, not a living source tree but a just a single tarball (and currently outdated).

MS33VD: Why do I Destiny create this additional website for this software? Pros thru cons,
MS33VO: *BIG PRO: (I want to post bug reports but ) the official "issue tracker" is very limited but LaunchPad's is one of the best (aka point MS33WO on )
MS32P3: *PRO: the software is implemented not just in but a remastering of Ubuntu LTS and LaunchPad.Net hosts most Ubuntu development, including ideally the app of the software will become an official Ubuntu package.
MS34L8: *PRO: the software's official documentation (1st URL here) is non-Wiki indeed doesn't even allow comments (and is all in French with built-in translate which appears broken), but LauchPad.Net provides a wiki and I understand with translations.
MS34Q8: *PRO: the software presently has no public source control (as can be seen at ), but Bazaar is one of the best and is homed at LaunchPad.Net, so perhaps MultiSystem developers will use it or one of the (sadly few) other VCS choices here.
MS5E2J: *CON: LauchPad.Net makes itself appear a Bazaar zealot including only supports other VCS (as SVN & even Git & Mercurial) for at-best "Import only"

MS5SL2: Site historic archive folder:
MS91MM: for every page of the site, a copy should be saved here after every change to it overwriting any existing file for it (know files are auto-versioned); Insync makes doing that easy.

MS5C8I: This site's URL, specifically the "multisystem" of
MS5CZA: *I Destiny picked this carefully. My considerations, pros thru cons:
MS5D0Q: **PRO: what is already used at official site (per internal note MS30WI)
MS5D2A: **PRO: "this the known name for years for the software including finds it (the 3 top finds); and top 5 finds finds it 2x." says internal note MS33HX (updated here)
MS5D7P: **CON: All per internal note MS30WI: per , this ("MultiSystem") is actually the maker's name, not the product name, which, to be globally unique as intended here, should be the maker+product name. To address this, I also considered "mslumb" short for MultiSystem LiveUSB MultiBoot", (including MS can't always stand for Microsoft :-). But then found the other considerations more important.

quote(LG4OWH: What are these codes as “LG4OWH:” on this point? They’re short IDs to date-stamp, uniquely-reference, & portably-track most any point or item )

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