MyConnPy 0.1.2-devel available: fixing charset/unicode

Written for MySQL Connector/Python by Geert JM Vanderkelen on 2009-12-23

MySQL Connector/Python 0.1.2-devel is a quick follow-up release for 0.1.1 fixing a few problems around character sets and unicode.

Release notes:
o Fixing unicode usage for both Python 2.4+ and 3.1
  * Setting 'use_unicode' at connection time is now working.
  * removing regular expression for quoting backslashes.
  * Adding test case for bug lp:499410

  Py3k specific:
  * Strings from MySQL are decoded to the given character when use_unicode
    is false
  * The statement is encoded just before sending it to the MySQL server.
    Internally, all is done in unicode.
  * In removing _unicode_to_mysql, adding _bytes_to_mysql
  * MySQLCursor.__unicode__ is obsolete and replaced with __str__
  * Removing tests for which the methods were deleted.

o Fix setting character set at connection

  * mysql.connector.Connect(charset='latin1') now works as expected
  * Default character set is (still) UTF-8.
  * SET NAMES is only used when changing character set after connecting.
    Use MySQL.set_charset(charsetname) to change.
  * Test case added for bug report; fixing test case in
    to reflect the new default character set 'utf-8'.

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