MyConnPy 0.1.4-devel available

Written for MySQL Connector/Python by Geert JM Vanderkelen on 2010-05-21

Next development release 0.1.4 of MySQL Connector/Python is now available for download. This will be the last in the 0.1-series as we move on to 0.2. The aim is to release more often to get to v1.0. Hurray!

o Reading from network was broken for bigger packages.
o Reimplementing protocol.MySQLProtocol marking simpler and easier to maintain.
o It is now possible to send multiple statements to MySQL using MySQLCursor.execute(). The results are accessible by calling the method next_resultset().
o MySQLCursor.callproc() will now store all result sets as a MySQLCursorBuffered. They are accessible using the next_proc_resultset() method. The result of the stored procedure is returned by callproc() itself as defined by PEP249.
o MySQL DATETIME conversion to Python datetime.datetime is now much faster.
o Some overall performance improvements.
o Copyright notice changes.

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