MySQL Connector/Python 0.1.3 "alchemy"

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MySQL Connector/Python
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Geert JM Vanderkelen
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o Important memory leak fixed when closing cursors.
o Warnings can now be raised as exceptions.
o Fixing unicode usage and broken error message when MySQL chops them
o Client flags can now be set correctly when connecting
o Conversion fixes for BIT/YEARSET and Python to DATE/DATETIME
o Adding MySQL Client Errors and raising better exceptions based on errno.


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201: Geert Vanderkelen 2010-01-28 {0.1.3-devel} Using weak references
200: Geert Vanderkelen 2010-01-28 Moving dict attributes of MySQLConverter to methods
199: Geert Vanderkelen 2010-01-27 Fixing memory leak when opening cursors
198: Geert Vanderkelen 2010-01-26 Exception raised in protocol module using errors.get_mysql_exception
197: Geert Vanderkelen 2010-01-26 Fixing mysql.Error and simplying
196: Geert Vanderkelen 2010-01-25 Adding MySQL server errors and better exceptions (part 1)
195: Geert Vanderkelen 2010-01-25 Fixing rowcount in Cursor executemany() with no-result sets
194: Geert Vanderkelen 2010-01-25 Using MySQL Client Error messages when connecting
193: Geert Vanderkelen 2010-01-25 Implementing MySQL Client Errors
192: Geert Vanderkelen 2010-01-23 Simplying the cursor.set_connection method raising correct Exception
191: Geert Vanderkelen 2010-01-23 Changing get_flags_info to get_bit_info in a new class
190: Geert Vanderkelen 2010-01-22 Implementing Raise-On-Warnings
189: Geert Vanderkelen 2010-01-22 Fixed the conversion of binary fields
188: Geert Vanderkelen 2010-01-22 Removing sys.path change
187: Geert Vanderkelen 2010-01-22 Adding method to retrieve names given FieldFlag bitvalues
186: Geert Vanderkelen 2010-01-22 Fixing _constants get_desc/get_info methods
185: Geert Vanderkelen 2010-01-22 Adding missing check for BIT-field in to_python method
184: Geert Vanderkelen 2010-01-22 Fixing buffered MySQL cursor & handling unread results
183: Geert Vanderkelen 2010-01-20 Change in convesion of SET data type to Python set
182: Geert Vanderkelen 2010-01-20 Adding tests for MySQL data types (numeric and temporal)
181: Geert Vanderkelen 2010-01-19 Fixing Python to MySQL DATE/DATETIME conversions and throwing exceptions
180: Geert Vanderkelen 2010-01-17 Removing fields and nrflds attributes from MySQLCursor
179: Geert Vanderkelen 2010-01-15 Fixing MySQL BIT column conversion to Python
178: Geert Vanderkelen 2010-01-14 Adding conversion for MySQL's BIT data type
177: Geert Vanderkelen 2010-01-14 Updating example so it commits
176: Geert Vanderkelen 2010-01-14 Adding conversion for MySQL's YEAR data type
175: Geert Vanderkelen 2009-12-31 Fix in unittests for comparing results from MySQL and what is expected
174: Geert Vanderkelen 2009-12-31 Fix for setting client flags when connecting
173: Geert Vanderkelen 2009-12-23 [merge] Merging from 0.1.2-devel release
172: Geert Vanderkelen 2009-12-23 Fix for broken unicode characters when MySQL trimed the errmsg
171: Geert Vanderkelen 2009-12-23 Fixing unicode usage for both Python 2.4+ and 3.1

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