MySQL Data Dumper 0.5.1

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MySQL Data Dumper
Andrew Hutchings
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download icon mydumper-0.5.1.tar.gz (md5) mydumper 0.5.1 source 5,993
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Release notes 

This is primarily a bugfix release fixing many of the issues flagged up by the community. Many thanks to all those testing mydumper and giving feedback to make it a better product.


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* Fix MySQL 5.0 compile issue
* Make the metadata file visible (after muliple requests)
* Add --no-lock option to mydumper
* First --daemon snapshot is now at execution instead of the first timed interval
* Fix CentOS 5.x compile issue (also affected Mac OSX)
* Fix libmysqlclient search bug
* Add cppcheck target
* Fix errors flaged by cppcheck
* Add option to turn off docs build
* Add status output at end of CMake

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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
797179 #797179 stale CMakeCache.txt can cause issues 5 Low Andrew Hutchings  7 Triaged
798536 #798536 0.5.0 compile issue in CentOS 5 3 High Andrew Hutchings  10 Fix Released
797171 #797171 trunk won't compile against 5.0 4 Medium Andrew Hutchings  10 Fix Released
797171 #797171 trunk won't compile against 5.0 4 Medium Andrew Hutchings  10 Fix Released
797597 #797597 first --daemon snapshot is after timed interval 4 Medium Andrew Hutchings  10 Fix Released
795711 #795711 Support dumping without locking innodb tables 6 Wishlist Andrew Hutchings  10 Fix Released
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