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A web widget that displays streams with rtl support and some nifty features

I wanted different features than what the standard friendfeed widget offers, so I wrote something in CherryPy.
You can see a demo at

1) Turns direction to right-to-left for elements containing rtl text (currently - only identifies Hebrew, but you can help)
2) Uses the discussion stream (comments+likes) as item source (instead of the user's feed). This means that if I comment on everything I publish (The way friendfeed works - this is quite natural), the discussion stream would include everything I post (whether to my feed or to rooms) as well as *other* things I like and/or comment on
3) If first comment is by the item's poster - it is displayed as the item's summary (if you know friendfeed - you can understand why this is natural too)
4) Comments by the item's poster (including the "summary" one) are in italics (makes the discussion easier to follow)
5) Items by the username whose discussion feed we're showing are emphasized, and his/her name is displayed as a bold "Me" (again, makes stuff easier to follow)
6) Links are shortened after removing the http://[www.] prefix if there is one. The link's tooltip shows the full url
7) Items with more than one thumbnail, or items linking to youtube, get an animated thumbnail
8) Items appear as a jquery "accordion menu"
9) Items with a static or animated thumbnail have icons indicating this even when they're "folded inside the accordion"

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  • Initial announcement on 2008-12-15
    This is the first version that looks good enough for me (a little bit of css ...