mylvmbackup 0.10 has been released

Written for mylvmbackup by Lenz Grimmer on 2008-09-20

I am happy to announce that mylvmbackup version 0.10 has been released.

You can download the updated package from

This version fixes some bugs and includes some new functionality:

 - Applied patch from Marc Haber: added option "--keep_snapshot" that will skip the removal of the backup snapshot
   before terminating the script. Providing the option "--backuptype=none" will now skip creating a backup using the
   builtin backup modules. Both options provide more flexibility when using hooks for performing the actual backup
 - Added two new hooks: "backupsuccess" and "backupfailure" which are called respectively upon success of failure
   of the backup operation (Bug #264089)
 - Make sure that binaries are being found ($PATH may not include /sbin when called from cron), added missing
   entry for "lvs" to mylvmbackup.conf (Bug #255703)
 - Updated documentation

Updated on 2008-09-20.

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