mylvmbackup 0.14 has been released

Written for mylvmbackup by Lenz Grimmer on 2013-06-24

It's my great pleasure to announce the release of mylvmbackup version 0.14.

This release includes a large number of improvements, code cleanups, and new functionality.

I would like to thank Ask Bjørn Hansen, Ben Bonnel, Norbert Tretkowski, Neil Wilson, Klaus Ethgen and Alexandre Anriot for their feedback and contributions to this release.

Some notable highlights from the ChangeLog (please check the bzr commit log for a more detailed history of changes):

 - Improved error handling: send out an email if mail_report_on has been
   set to "errors" and a log message with log level LOG_ERR was logged.
 - Abort and clean up if the snapshot volume could not be mounted
 - Abort and clean up if the backup creation failed
 - Exit with a non-zero return code if errorstate was set
 - Enabled timestr() formatting sequences for snapshot volume names, to
   create snapshot names which contain a dynamic date value. This can
   be useful when thin provisioned snapshots are used as the actual backup
   by enabling the keep_snapshot option
 - Added "thin" option to mylvmbackup.conf (default=0), to enable
   thin provisioned LVM snapshots
 - Added new configuration option "recoveryopts" that allows to modify
   the command line options that are passed to the MySQL instance that
   performs the InnoDB recovery (BUG#544295 and BUG#1091950)
   The current default options are "--skip-networking --skip-grant
   --bootstrap --skip-syslog --skip-slave-start" (which better
   accommodates MySQL 5.1)
 - Merged patches from Alexandre Anriot to provide a mail reporting method
   which sends the log output via email and a new "purge" action that allows
   to only keep a defined number of backups in the backup directory
 - Applied patch contributed by Klaus Ethgen that removes the annoying LVM
   warnings about a leaked file descriptor (DBD:mysql does not add FD_CLOEXEC
   on the MySQL socket)
 - BUG#1086313: mvlvmbackup lacks support for 'thin' LVM snapshots
   (Thanks to Neil Wilson for the patch)
 - BUG#787063: Ensure to clean up temporary .pos files when the snapshot mount
   is kept, too
 - Applied small patch from Norbert Tretkowski: change umask to 077 before
   creating the tarball backup files to prevent them from being readable by
 - BUG#593220: Fixed the compressarg option for cat (removed the comment)
 - Applied patch contributed by Ben Bonnel to add a new configuration option
   "rsnaprsyncarg" that allows one to pass special options to the rsync process
   when using the rsnap backend.
 - Applied patch provided by Ask Bjørn Hansen to allow targets not to have a
   timestamp (e.g. for rsync targets)

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