mylvmbackup 0.12 has been released

Written for mylvmbackup by Lenz Grimmer on 2009-06-20

After a long hiatus, I am happy to announce that mylvmbackup version 0.12 has now been released. This release includes a large number of improvements, minor code cleanups, as well as some new functionality. In particular, I would like to thank Matthew Boehm, Tim Stoop, Baron Schwartz, Ville Skyttä and Ronald Bradford for their contributions.

Some notable highlights from the ChangeLog:

 - Removed the absolute path names to external tools (make sure $PATH is correct)
 - Added --log-err to the startup options of the recovery instance to avoid cluttering the server's error log
 - Added support for hooks written as Perl Modules. (Matthew Boehm)
 - Added support for date/time-formatted path names for backupdir and mountdir (Matthew Boehm)
 - Backupdir and mountdir are now created automatically (Matthew Boehm)
 - Added new hook "logerr" when an error is logged. (Matthew Boehm)
 - Added Option --keep-mount... (Tim Stoop)
 - Removed the bind mount, now requires LVMv2
 - Support reading login/password from ~/.my.cnf (Baron Schwartz)
 - Documentation fixes and improvements (Ville Skytt√§) (Bug #302144)

Updated on 2009-06-20.

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