MySQL Proxy 0.7.1 released

Written for MySQL Proxy by Kay Roepke on 2009-05-23

We are happy to announce that MySQL Proxy 0.7.1 is available in a source and binary release for many popular platforms.

This release contains a few minor bugfixes and changes in directory layout over the previous 0.7.0 release:
  * fixed connection close at COM_REFRESH
  * moved plugins to lib/mysql-proxy/plugins
  * moved lua modules to lib/mysql-proxy/lua
  * moved libs to lib/
  * fixed detection of the base-dir for relative execs
  * fixed decoding of binlog.event_type on sparc
  * fixed build on freebsd and hpux

Please report any problems on, our Launchpad discussion mailing list at or on IRC: #mysql-proxy on

Please note that the binary for Windows is currently still the old 0.6.1 release which has known bugs.

Happy proxying!

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