MySQL Proxy 0.7.2 released

Written for MySQL Proxy by Kay Roepke on 2009-07-02

We are happy to announce that MySQL Proxy 0.7.2 is available in a source and binary release for all of our target platforms.

This latest release also brings back Windows support in both the source and binary release.

The list of important changes in this release is:
 * fixed memory leak proxy plugin (#45272)
 * fixed ro-balance.lua (#45408)
 * added CMake build files
 * fixed portability issues for Win32
 * added mysql-proxy-svc on Win32
 * updated INSTALL file to cover all the build steps on win32

Please report any problems on, our Launchpad discussion mailing list at or on IRC: #mysql-proxy on

The focus of development is now on MySQL Proxy 0.8.

MySQL Proxy 0.7.2 is currently the recommended version to use unless you develop MySQL Proxy itself.

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