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Latest MySQL Proxy code now available

Written for MySQL Proxy by Kay Roepke on 2009-01-13

Finally, we have the latest code up on launchpad!

The old SVN import will be removed shortly, as it is outdated and no longer useful, as the Bazaar repository contains the complete history, as well.

To get the latest code, please refer to the "trunk" series on the MySQL Proxy Launchpad page at

Also be sure to visit the team page at to join the mailing list. The list will be the primary resource to discuss development and usage scenarios.

We will also post more specific instructions there.

Happy proxying!

mylvmbackup 0.11 has been released

Written for mylvmbackup by Lenz Grimmer on 2008-11-23

I am happy to announce that mylvmbackup version 0.11 has now been released. This release includes a large number of small improvements and code cleanups, as well as some added functionality. In particular, I would like to thank Alexander Skwar, Matthew Boehm, Matt Lohier, Joans and "kjetilho" for their contributions.

From the ChangeLog:

 - Added new option "--quiet" that suppresses informal logging output
   (warnings and errors will still be printed/logged)
 - Applied patch from "kjetilho" that makes mylvmbackup more robust and
   paraniod when it comes to handling errors/failures (Bug #298175)
   Now the script aborts cleanly in case of any error.
 - Fixed error handling in case of a failed DB connection (patch submitted
   by Matthew Boehm, Bug #280989)
 - Merged changes from Alexander Skwar: Fix for Bug #278478 and implemented
   Blueprint "Improve the tar backup backend of mylvmbackup"
 - Fixed Bug #271671: "overloading parameters does not work" by removing
   the default values for host and port from the configuration file and
   removing the unnecessary check for passing both host and socket at
   the same time. Updated documentation and configuration file comments
 - Applied patch suggested by "Jonas" to fix Bug #267944: "backup returns
   successfully when snapshot creation fails"
 - Code cleanup: moved flushing of tables in a separate subroutine
 - Code cleanup: moved log messages into the respective subroutines
 - Code cleanup: use return values of subroutines instead of updating global
 - Improved some log messages to explain what was DONE or FAILED
 - Code cleanup: build up long command strings in a $command variable before
   passing it to system()
 - Merged patch from Matthew Boehm: Removed old asciidoc documentation in
   favor of POD style. This removes the dependency on the external program a2x
   for creating documentation and uses the 'built-in' pod2html and pod2man
   instead. Updated the Makefile to accommodate the change.
 - Applied patch from Matthew Boehm to make the backup file name
   suffix configurable via a "--suffix" option. Updated the man
   page accordingly.
 - Applied patch from Matt Lohier to support rsnap as a backup backend
 - Updated man page
 - Moved the list of contributors from the man page into a separate CREDITS
   file, added missing names

mylvmbackup 0.10 has been released

Written for mylvmbackup by Lenz Grimmer on 2008-09-20

I am happy to announce that mylvmbackup version 0.10 has been released.

You can download the updated package from

This version fixes some bugs and includes some new functionality:

 - Applied patch from Marc Haber: added option "--keep_snapshot" that will skip the removal of the backup snapshot
   before terminating the script. Providing the option "--backuptype=none" will now skip creating a backup using the
   builtin backup modules. Both options provide more flexibility when using hooks for performing the actual backup
 - Added two new hooks: "backupsuccess" and "backupfailure" which are called respectively upon success of failure
   of the backup operation (Bug #264089)
 - Make sure that binaries are being found ($PATH may not include /sbin when called from cron), added missing
   entry for "lvs" to mylvmbackup.conf (Bug #255703)
 - Updated documentation

Updated on 2008-09-20.

Sample database with test suite released

Written for Sample database with test suite by Giuseppe Maxia on 2008-07-30

The sample database with test suite was released on July 30.
Features include support for several MySQL engines and partitioned tables.
A comprehensive test suite ensure that the data you loaded is clean.

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mylvmbackup 0.9 has been released

Written for mylvmbackup by Lenz Grimmer on 2008-07-10

A new version 0.9 of mylvmbackup has been released. This is the first release since the source code has been moved from Subversion to Bazaar and is now hosted on

From the ChangeLog:

 - Applied patch from Patrick Hahn: provide an option to call external scripts/applications (hooks) at various stages of the backup process. See the man page for instructions
 - Added options "--skip_hooks" to disable the execution of hooks and "--hooksdir" to define the location for these (default is /usr/share/mylvmbackup)
 - Updated documentation: added new options and instructions on how to use hooks
 - Applied patch from Robin H. Johnson: Full support for an rsync:// service as the backup destination. If you include any path fragments with the rsync module name, they must already exist!
 - Updated documentation to reflect these changes
 - Updated TODO

Updated on 2008-07-10. Read more

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