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Extensible mysql command line client with pipe chaining.

Can be used to run queries, and filter the produced result set in various ways using pipe chaining. Can produce graphical charts and has browser integration.

Currently written in PHP. But should be rewritten in Python to better support console, signal handling and multi-threading. For now, the parsing and option handling is limited, but most basic stuff works so you can get a feel for it.

Some examples to get going:

Get the code:
bzr branch lp:myterm
cd myterm/src/main

myterm -uroot

Producing html output in the browser:
myterm> SHOW DATABASES|html

Column filtering:
myterm> SHOW PROCESSLIST| cols 2-3

Pie charting:
myterm> SELECT engine, count(*) AS count FROM information_schema.tables GROUP BY 1 ORDER BY 2 DESC|chart pie

Bar charts with result set reduction (other):
myterm> SELECT CONCAT(table_schema, '.', table_name) AS `Table`, data_length + index_length AS Bytes FROM information_schema.tables order by 2 desc|other 7|chart hbar

Reverse-engineering of result sets:
myterm> SHOW PROCESSLIST|insertify|tsv -N -E

Show loaded plugins
myterm> plugins list

For a more in-depth introduction, have a look at:

To get involved, take a look at the blueprints and join the myterm-team and mailing list at:

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