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MythTV-Indicator is a Unity/Gnome3 panel indicator supplying Recording and Scheduled program information. Includes notifications of recording activity and program meta data pop-ups.

Provide MythTV with a Unity/Gnome3 panel indicator which reflects the status of Scheduled and Recording programs. There are meta data details pop-ups enhanced with the artwork for those programs.

- Auto configuration attempts to detect your MythTV backend version and configures the indicator accordingly
- Unity/Gnome3 panel icons reflect MythTV's current state
   - Recording with a HH:MM counting down until the recording ends
   - Idle (Nothing is being recorded)
   - The MythTV backend is unavailable
- Preferences GUI pop-up allows users to change the indicator's default settings
- Four alternate sizes for the metadata details pop-up
   - Three different theme sizes all include artwork (when available)
   - A theme that displays program meta data without artwork
- Notifications
    - When a recording starts or stops
    - When the MythTV backend is started or stopped
- With MythTV v0.25 installed, no other components of MythTV need be present on your client machine as the Service API's provide all required access to your Backend server
- A Launchpad PPA is available for easy installation/removal and updates through Update Manager. The PPA includes both 32 and 64bit debs for Ubuntu 11.04 and higher
- An option to include MiroBridge downloaded videos with notifications and meta data details pop-up

Translators and new features would be appreciated from anyone willing to crontribute.

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