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NakedMud is a bare-bones MUD server which tries to be a foundation for your game, without any sort of preconceptions held that you have to tear out and work around to get the kind of game you want. It is based on SocketMud's tight C core, extended to provide persistance of object data, and then with Python deeply embedded so you can do basically everything in an easy and fast language.

The Emperor wears no clothes. And that's a good thing, because you can dress him however you want! That's NakedMud's goal. It provides a solid foundation on which you can build: and that building can all happen in Python if you want, which is quite a bit easier then having to fall back to C.

A solid, stable core is provided which handles networking, basic object types, and then persistance of data -- from here Python has been embedded and allows you to create all the game logic you need to be the kind of game you want to make. There's nothing to tear out and redo, because NakedMud is "from scratch" -- with the hard parts done already from you.

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NakedMud Drivers
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