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Nautilus Pastebin
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Alessio Treglia
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Release notes 

What is this?
nautilus-pastebin is an extension for the GNOME file manager, which allows users to send files to pastebins just a right-click away.

How does it work?
Simply: right-click on a file, select «Pastebin» and, if the Internet connection is active, after few seconds the application will show a notification and copy the paste URL to your clipboard, allowing you to paste it in a browser tab, IRC channel or wherever you want.

Where can I download it? And how can install it?
After uncompressing this tarball, you can:

 1) Use the script.
 2) Copy:
        scripts/ to /usr/lib/nautilus/extensions-2.0/python/
        data/nautilus-pastebin.png to /usr/share/pixmaps/

After the installation, you may need to restart Nautilus by typing:

killall nautilus

At the moment, some pastebins of the preconfigured ones don’t work well and I need some time to improve and extend the support for other websites.

If you wanted to contribute to the development by sending me patches, configurations or suggestions I would be very happy!

            Alessio Treglia <>

Author: Alessio Treglia <>
Copyright: 2009, Alessio Treglia <>


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  * Application's settings are now managed through GConf.
  * New presets' installation path: /usr/share/nautilus-pastebin/presets/.
  * Low coupling: nautilus-pastebin <-> python-pastebin
  * Improve
  * Better support for almost all pastebins.
  * Update translation templates.
  * Code cleanup.

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