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Network Administration Visualized
Morten Brekkevold
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Release notes 

 Network Administration Visualized release notes

Please report bugs at . To browse
existing bug reports, go to .

If you are upgrading from versions of NAV older than 3.7, please refer to the
release notes of the in-between versions before reading any further.

Known problems

The recommended SNMP library for use with ipdevpoll is `pynetsnmp`. If you
choose to go with the original TwistedSNMP, the latest version (0.3.13)
contains a bug that manifests in table retrieval operations. Timeouts and
retries aren't handled properly, and this may cause slow or otherwise busy
devices to be bombarded with requests from NAV. The `contrib/patches`
directory contains a patch for TwistedSNMP that solves this problem. The
patch has been submitted upstream, but not yet accepted into a new release.

NAV 3.11

To see the overview of scheduled features and reported bugs on the 3.11 series
of NAV, please go to .

Dependency changes

- `JavaSNMP` is no longer a dependency and can be removed. There is also
  therefore no longer any need to export a `CLASS_PATH` variable before
  building NAV from source.

Topology source data

The getBoksMacs Java program has been replaced by a set of ipdevpoll plugins,
configured to run under the `topo` job in 15 minute intervals. This job will
collect switch forwarding tables (CAM), STP blocking status, CDP (Cisco
Discovery Protocol) neighbor information and also LLDP (Link Layer Discovery
Protocol) neighbor information.

The navtopology program will now prefer LLDP source information over CDP and
CDP source information over CAM source information when building NAV's

Unrecognized neighbors from CDP or LLDP are _not_ stored yet by NAV 3.11.0,
but this will be reimplemented in the 3.11 series.


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Version 3.11.0
(released 08 Mar 2012)

 User-visible features and improvements:

  * LLDP support for improved topology detection.

  * getBoksMacs replaced by ipdevpoll plugins in `topo` job.

  * Q-BRIDGE-MIB now also used when collecting switch forwarding tables,
    meaning improved machine tracking data for switch vendors like HP, Juniper
    and Alcatel.

  * The Machine Tracker's IP search form has consolidated the `To` and `From`
    IP address search fields into a single `IP Range` search field with
    extended search syntax for ranges of IP addresses. See LP#643544 for

  * ipdevpoll can now be made to run single job configurations from
    ipdevpoll.conf, to run in the foreground, and to log to stderr instead of
    its log file.

  * ipdevpoll will reset its log levels from logging.conf upon receiving a
    SIGHUP signal.

  * ipdevpoll will log the currently active polling jobs upon receiving a
    SIGUSR1 signal.

2 blueprints and 1 bug targeted

Blueprint Priority Assignee Delivery
Add support for LLDP-MIB to the reimplemented getBoksMacs Add support for LLDP-MIB to the reimplemented getBoksMacs 3 Medium Morten Brekkevold  11 Implemented
Reimplement getBoksMacs Reimplement getBoksMacs 3 Medium Morten Brekkevold  11 Implemented
Bug report Importance Assignee Status
643544 #643544 Flexibility when entering ip address in machine tracker 6 Wishlist Christian Strand Young  10 Fix Released
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