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Network Administration Visualized
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Release notes 

 Network Administration Visualized release notes

Please report bugs at . To browse
existing bug reports, go to .

If you are upgrading from versions of NAV older than 3.7, please refer to the
release notes of the in-between versions before reading any further.

Known problems

The recommended SNMP library for use with ipdevpoll is `pynetsnmp`. If you
choose to go with the original TwistedSNMP, the latest version (0.3.13)
contains a bug that manifests in table retrieval operations. Timeouts and
retries aren't handled properly, and this may cause slow or otherwise busy
devices to be bombarded with requests from NAV. The `contrib/patches`
directory contains a patch for TwistedSNMP that solves this problem. The
patch has been submitted upstream, but not yet accepted into a new release.

NAV 3.15

To see the overview of scheduled features and reported bugs on the 3.15 series
of NAV, please go to .

Dependency changes

New dependencies:

- `mod_wsgi`
- The following Python modules:
    - The Python Imaging Library (`PIL`, aka. `python-imaging` on Debian).
    - `django-oauth2-provider` >= 0.2.6
    - `djangorestframework` >= 2.3.7
    - `iso8601`

Changed version requirements:

- `Django` >= 1.4
- `PostgreSQL` >= 9.1

Removed dependencies:

- `mod_python`
- Cheetah Templates

Database schema changes

The database schema files have been moved to a new location, and so has the
command to synchronize your running PostgreSQL database with changes. The
syncing command previously known as :file:`` is now the
:program:`navsyncdb` program, installed alongside NAV's other binaries.

mod_python vs. mod_wsgi

NAV no longer depends on `mod_python`, but instead leverages Django's ability
to serve a NAV web site using its various supported methods (such as `WSGI`,
`flup` or `FastCGI`).

This strictly means that NAV no longer is dependent on `Apache`; you should be
able to serve it using *any web server* that supports any of Django's methods.
However, we still ship with a reasonable Apache configuration file, which now
now uses `mod_wsgi` as a replacement for `mod_python`.

.. WARNING:: If you have taken advantage of NAV's authentication and
             authorization system to protect arbitrary Apache resources, such
             as static documents, CGI scripts or PHP applications, you **will
             still need mod_python**. This ability was only there as an upshot
             of `mod_python` being Apache specific, whereas `WSGI` is a
             portable interface to web applications.

NAV 3.15 still provides a `mod_python`-compatible module to authenticate and
authorize requests for arbitrary Apache resources. To protect any resource,
make sure `mod_python` is still enabled in your Apache and add something like
this to your Apache config:

.. code-block:: apacheconf

  <Location /uri/to/protected-resource>
      PythonHeaderParserHandler nav.web.modpython

Access to this resource can now be controlled through the regular
authorization configuration of NAV's Useradmin panel.


NAV 3.15 also includes the beginnings of a read-only RESTful API. The API is
not yet documented, and must be considered an unstable experiment at the
moment. API access tokens can only be issued by a NAV administrator.

Files to remove

Some files have been moved around. The SQL schema files are no longer
installed as part of the documentation, but as data files into a subdirectory
of whichever directory is configured as the datadir (the default is
:file:`${prefix}/share`). The Django HTML templates have also moved into a
subdirectory of datadir. Also, almost all the documentation source files have
changed their file name extension from .txt to .rst to properly indicate that
they employ reStructuredText markup.

If any of the following files and directories are still in your installation
after upgrading to NAV 3.15, they should be safe to remove (installation
prefix has been stripped from these file names). If you installed and upgraded
NAV using a packaging system, you should be able to safely ignore this









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Version 3.15.0
(released 19 Sep 2013)

 User-visible features and improvements:

  * Devices' conceptual layering of interfaces is now collected and presented
    in ipdevinfo. This enables you to, among other things, see which physical
    ports comprise a port- or etherchannel. Some vendors also use this to show
    which physical switch-ports are forwarding packets to/from a given VLAN

  * The Netmap tool has been redesigned and re-engineered. Multiple
    improvements have been made based on user feedback.

  * The Netmap contents can now be exported/downloaded as an SVG file, but
    this feature is currently only supported by the Google Chrome browser.

  * Multiple parallel links are now indicated by the Netmap by two parallel
    black markers drawn across the link in question. Details of the underlying
    links are are now properly displayed when clicking on the link line.

  * Interactive next-hop neighbor map in new ipdevinfo tab.

  * "What-if" analysis in new ipdevinfo tab displays devices and organizations
    that may be affected if the selected device goes down. Based on NAV's
    topology information.

  * Images with descriptions can be uploaded and attached to rooms. Useful
    for, among other things, photo-documenting the contents of wiring closets.

  * Subcategories have been replaced by cross-category device groups.
    Arbitrary selections of IP devices can be organized into device groups.

  * Potentially out-of-date CAM and ARP records are highlighted in Machine
    Tracker search results.

  * Community strings are censored in SeedDB IP Device listing.

  * New program enables streamlined dumping and reloading, with optional
    filtering, of the NAV PostgreSQL database. This simplifies beta testing of
    new NAV versions by copying the production database to a test server.

  * 26 more metrics from APC UPS devices are now collected and graphed.

  * mod_python is no longer required; mod_wsgi is the new recommended way to
    deploy the NAV web interface.

  * LP#1055383 (netmap saves a new view when it should update view)
  * LP#1057423 (netmap algorithm indicator turns red when clicking on
                something in left bar)
  * LP#1062203 (ipdevpoll job configuration description)
  * LP#1165039 (Selecting a datasource for bulk threshold config intermittently
                fails with "internal server error")
  * LP#1169926 (Replace mod_python with Django/WSGI)
  * LP#1213818 (LDAP authentication crashes on non-ASCII usernames and/or
  * LP#1222666 ("Uptime" in ipdevinfo never resets)

1 blueprint and 20 bugs targeted

Blueprint Priority Assignee Delivery
Refactor mod_python based web apps to Django based Refactor mod_python based web apps to Django based 3 Medium Morten Brekkevold  11 Implemented
Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1055383 #1055383 netmap saves a new view when it should update view 3 High   10 Fix Released
1165039 #1165039 Selecting a datasource for bulk threshold config intermittently fails with "internal server error" 4 Medium Morten Brekkevold  10 Fix Released
1169926 #1169926 Replace mod_python with Django/WSGI 4 Medium Morten Brekkevold  10 Fix Released
1213818 #1213818 LDAP authentication crashes on non-ASCII usernames and/or passwords 4 Medium Morten Brekkevold  10 Fix Released
1222666 #1222666 "Uptime" in ipdevinfo never resets 4 Medium Morten Brekkevold  10 Fix Released
1057423 #1057423 netmap algorithm indicator turns red when clicking on something in left bar 5 Low Roy Sindre Norangshol  10 Fix Released
1062146 #1062146 Subcategories should be simplified into a group or tag concept 6 Wishlist John-Magne Bredal  10 Fix Released
1062177 #1062177 Collect and present aggregated link info 6 Wishlist Morten Brekkevold  10 Fix Released
1062203 #1062203 ipdevpoll job configuration description 6 Wishlist John-Magne Bredal  10 Fix Released
1062288 #1062288 NAV should provide a topology-based analysis of "what-happens-if-this-device-goes-down" 6 Wishlist John-Magne Bredal  10 Fix Released
1062290 #1062290 Machine tracker should single out cam/arp entries as suspect if the arp/cam collection from the source device is overdue 6 Wishlist Christian Strand Young  10 Fix Released
1068080 #1068080 Link to netmap with VLAN argument 6 Wishlist Roy Sindre Norangshol  10 Fix Released
1068090 #1068090 Zoom to bounding box of matching elements in Netmap searches 6 Wishlist   10 Fix Released
1068092 #1068092 Export to SVG 6 Wishlist   10 Fix Released
1069763 #1069763 Graph topology as seen from a device in ipdevinfo 6 Wishlist John-Magne Bredal  10 Fix Released
1149179 #1149179 Database of room pictures 6 Wishlist John-Magne Bredal  10 Fix Released
1169166 #1169166 Community strings should be censored in the SeedDB netbox listing 6 Wishlist John-Magne Bredal  10 Fix Released
1169532 #1169532 Script to filter NAV database dumps 6 Wishlist Morten Brekkevold  10 Fix Released
1169562 #1169562 Collect power statistics from APC equipment 6 Wishlist Morten Brekkevold  10 Fix Released
1217789 #1217789 IP Device Groups UI improvements 6 Wishlist John-Magne Bredal  10 Fix Released
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