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Network Administration Visualized
Morten Brekkevold
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1 John-Magne Bredal, 1 Kai Bjørnenak, 2 Magnus Eide, 4 Morten Brekkevold
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Release notes 

 Release notes for NAV 3.8
Please report bugs at

If you are upgrading from versions of NAV older than 3.7, please refer to the
release notes of the in-between versions before reading any further.

Known problems
The latest TwistedSNMP version (0.3.13) contains a bug that manifests in table
retrieval operations. Timeouts and retries aren't handled properly, and this
may cause slow or otherwise busy devices to be bombarded with requests from
NAV. The `contrib/patches` directory contains a patch for TwistedSNMP that
solves this problem. The patch has been submitted upstream, but not yet
accepted into a new release.

To see the overview of scheduled features and reported bugs on the 3.8 series
of NAV, please go to .

Significant changes since NAV 3.7

Source code directory layout
The source code directory layout has changed. All subystems in the
`subsystems` directory were merged in several top-level directories:

  All the Python libraries have moved here.

  All the Java code has moved here.

  All executables have been moved here.

  All initial/example configuration files have been moved here.

  All static media files to be served by Apache have moved here.

  All Django templates used by NAV have moved here.

  All the database schema initialization/migration related files have moved

Apache configuration
NAV's preferred way of configuring Apache has changed. The default target
directory for an Apache DocumentRoot has therefore also changed, to

NAV 3.8 only installs static media files into this directory - all Python code
is now kept in NAV's Python library directory. For Cricket integration,
Cricket's CGI scripts and static media should still be installed in the
DocumentRoot under a separate `cricket` directory (or aliased to the /cricket

NAV now provides its own basic Apache configuration file to be included in
your VirtualHost setup. This file is installed as
`${sysconfdir}/apache/apache.conf`. See the `Configuring Apache` section in
the INSTALL file for more details.

Database installation and migration
NAV 3.8 introduces an automatic database schema upgrade program. Every time
you upgrade NAV, all you need to do to ensure your database schema is updated
is to run the `sql/` program.

This program will use the settings from `db.conf` to connect to the NAV
database. It can also be used to create a NAV database from scratch.


NAV can now configure switch port descriptions and native VLANs from the IP
Device Info tool, provided that you have set an SNMP write community in
SeedDB (which is also necessary for the Arnold tool to work).

This functionality supports Cisco devices through proprietary MIBs. Devices
from other vendors are supported as long as they properly implement the
Q-BRIDGE-MIB (RFC 2674) - This has been successfully tested on HP switches.
Alcatel switches seem to block write access to the necessary Q-BRIDGE objects;
we are still looking into this.

Please do not forget to secure your SNMP v2c communications using best
practices. Limit SNMP communication with your devices to only the necessary
IP addresses or ranges using access lists or similar techniques. You don't
want users on your network to sniff SNMP community strings and start
configuring your devices, do you?

Dependency changes
The INSTALL file referred to the python package `egenix-mxdatetime` as a
dependency. This has been removed, as NAV stopped using it in version 3.6.
You psycopg2 installation may still require it, though.

Also, don't forget: The following dependencies changed from version 3.6 to

* Python >= 2.5.0
* PostgreSQL >= 8.3


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Version 3.8.0
(released 3 February 2011)

 User-visible features and improvements:

  * The database schema can now be kept updated automatically using the new
    `` program. Please see the `NOTES` file, and run the program as
    soon as you've upgraded.

  * NAV can now configure descriptions and access VLANs on your switch ports
    when an SNMP write community is set for a switch. This functionality is
    accessible through the IP Device Info tool.

  * SeedDB has been rewritten to use the Django framework (and has
    subsequently been reduced from nearly 5000 lines of spaghetti code to just
    below 2000 maintainable lines).

  * The number of concurrent ipdevpoll jobs can now be limited on a per-job
    basis, to ease the load on your system if so desired. See the annotated
    `ipdevpoll.conf` file.


  * LP#643550 (Include ipdevinfo links in switch search in machine tracker)
  * LP#545029 (SmbChecker runs out of available file descriptors)

6 blueprints and 2 bugs targeted

Blueprint Priority Assignee Delivery
Automated database schema synchronization Automated database schema synchronization 3 Medium Morten Brekkevold  11 Implemented
Integrate NTNU's vlanAdmin tool into NAV Integrate NTNU's vlanAdmin tool into NAV 3 Medium John-Magne Bredal  11 Implemented
Intensity setting for ipdevpoll jobs Intensity setting for ipdevpoll jobs 3 Medium Morten Brekkevold  11 Implemented
Refactor seeddb with Django Refactor seeddb with Django 3 Medium Magnus Eide  11 Implemented
Remove the strict type contraint in seeddb Remove the strict type contraint in seeddb 3 Medium Magnus Eide  11 Implemented
Unified source tree Unified source tree 3 Medium Morten Brekkevold  11 Implemented
Bug report Importance Assignee Status
545029 #545029 Servicemon/SmbChecker runs out of available file descriptors 4 Medium Kai Bjørnenak  10 Fix Released
643550 #643550 Include ipdevinfo links in switch search in machine tracker 6 Wishlist Morten Brekkevold  10 Fix Released
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