NDB/Bindings telco-6.3 series

For use with MySQL CGE 6.3. This is now obsolete. Further work is being done in trunk.

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Oracle/MySQL Engineering
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is not the focus of development.
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bzr branch lp:ndb-bindings/telco-6.3

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Milestones and releases

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Version Expected Released Summary
NDB/Bindings None 2008-01-23 Fixed the MgmApi segfault.
NDB/Bindings None 2008-01-15 Release fixing mixing files.
NDB/Bindings None 2008-01-11 Simple changes to perl build.
NDB/Bindings None 2008-01-11 Latest CGE connectors code tied to CGE 6.3.7
NDB/Bindings None 2007-12-18 Merged in changes to devel for getting builds of everything working for debia...
NDB/Bindings None 2007-12-06 Cleaned up enum values and other odds and ends.
NDB/Bindings None 2007-12-06 Moved MGM listeners down into the C++ layer so we can use them from all the l...
NDB/Bindings None 2007-12-05 Redesigned events in MGM/J
NDB/Bindings None 2007-12-04 Added MGM/J testsuite.
NDB/Bindings None 2007-12-04 Mainly fixes in the build process.
NDB/Bindings "Just about ready for prime-time" None 2007-11-27 Solidifying interface.
NDB/Bindings None 2007-11-26 A bunch of clean ups and minor fixes, but most of them were little stupid typ...
NDB/Bindings None 2007-11-26 Fixed a release problem
NDB/Bindings None 2007-11-26 Various bugfixes and a general fixing of the build system.
NDB/Bindings None 2007-11-23 Bugfix release taking care of build problems on machines that aren't my laptop.
NDB/Bindings None 2007-11-22 Fixed a problem with paths of files in the ndbj.jar file.
NDB/Bindings None 2007-11-22 Bugfix release due to an automake 1.9 incompatibility.
NDB/Bindings None 2007-11-20 First usable alpha of NDB/connectors
118 of 18 results

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