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2015.1.1 release from the 2015 series released 2015-04-02

Release information
Release notes:

This is the initial release of the ML2 MechanismDriver backend for OpenDaylight integration with OpenStack Neutron. This release works with the Helium release of OpenDaylight (SR2 and SR3), as well as experimentally with the Lithium pre-releases of OpenDaylight.

Since this is the first release, there may be issues. Please report any issues or bugs found on the projects bugs page:

This release includes experimental support for LBaaS V2 APIs.


cb3ebce Add instructions for configuring LBaaS V2 with ODL
28acc22 First cut at LBaaS V2 driver for ODL
3087ffb Remove session_timeout parameter
a49e565 Add new LBaaS V2 API shim
64a1313 Bump version to 2015.1.1
d3139a3 Update to distribution-karaf-0.2.3-Helium-SR3
cee1066 Add unit tests for L3, LBaaS, and FWaaS
1992e94 Update L3, LBaaS, and FWaaS code
45d1c98 Remove vlan_transparent and mtu for network APIs
5ae4f7f Correct test_update_port_mac test
8723ff2 Sync the latest oslo incubated libraries and use oslo.log
d9ff882 Revert "Limit the tempest tests we run"
fa0c537 Merge "Update ODL port logic to work with Lithium (cont.)"
4370d76 Merge "Limit the tempest tests we run"
d40d343 Update ODL port logic to work with Lithium (cont.)
edddce0 Limit the tempest tests we run
bd54f74 Update ODL port logic to work with Lithium
d218090 Wipe out the data directory
60188bc Allow the java memory parameters to be configurable
d905a1c Fix karaf logging
39ec057 Fix the check/merge jobs for ODL
73fca88 Merge "Fix documentation files"
9125ea5 Update oslotest version in test-requirements.txt
6541c2a Fix documentation files
8875b89 Merge "Use URL in devstack README"
19c24e0 Merge "Fix to handle OFFLINE=True mode."
f5cf62d Few corrections in devstack/settings in networking-odl
31f49eb Use URL in devstack README
be4a6c2 Fix to handle OFFLINE=True mode.
2dc9b5f Add odl-router entrypoint
5f0c807 Merge "ODL_MODE for plugin settings"
4819e74 Merge "Use HTTP BASIC AUTH exclusively (no longer use JSESSIONID)"
f8773d5 ODL_MODE for plugin settings
f25f85e Use HTTP BASIC AUTH exclusively (no longer use JSESSIONID)
42b53ac Add pluggable devstack for networking-odl
9a3a03d Fix oslo imports
77374f1 Use in-module ODL driver
dd2c805 Fix the syntax of the cache module
1110354 Merge "This adds existing L3, LBaas and FWaaS drivers"
f8058c0 This adds existing L3, LBaas and FWaaS drivers
8abaab4 Re-enable check for @author tag
abe3165 Bump hacking and allow author tags
c6a0e43 Fix unit tests for networking-odl
71490b8 Thin networking-odl driver
dc99cad Establish a successful baseline for CI jobs
e8c2cd8 Fixups post split commit

File Description Downloads
download icon networking-odl-2015.1.1.tar.gz (md5, sig) networking-odl 2015.1.1 tarball 148
last downloaded 8 weeks ago
Total downloads: 148

4.0.0 release from the 4.0-ocata series released 2017-02-15

File Description Downloads
download icon networking-odl-4.0.0.tar.gz (md5) networking-odl 4.0.0 tarball 1,007
last downloaded 18 weeks ago
Total downloads: 1,007

3.2.0 release from the 3.0-newton series released 2016-12-08

File Description Downloads
download icon networking-odl-3.2.0.tar.gz (md5) networking-odl 3.2.0 tarball 75
last downloaded 18 weeks ago
Total downloads: 75

3.1.0 release from the 3.0-newton series released 2016-11-21

File Description Downloads
download icon networking-odl-3.1.0.tar.gz (md5) networking-odl 3.1.0 tarball 18
last downloaded 18 weeks ago
Total downloads: 18

3.0.0 release from the 3.0-newton series released 2016-11-09

File Description Downloads
download icon networking-odl-3.0.0.tar.gz (md5) networking-odl 3.0.0 tarball 20
last downloaded 18 weeks ago
Total downloads: 20

2.0.0 release from the 2.0-mitaka series released 2016-05-09

File Description Downloads
download icon networking-odl-2.0.0.tar.gz (md5) networking-odl 2.0.0 tarball 51
last downloaded 17 weeks ago
Total downloads: 51

1.0.1 release from the 1.0-liberty series released 2015-09-18

Release information

5ae9d46 requirements: Move neutron requirement into tox.ini

File Description Downloads
download icon networking-odl-1.0.1.tar.gz (md5) networking-odl 1.0.1 tarball 136
last downloaded 5 weeks ago
Total downloads: 136

1.0.0 release from the 1.0-liberty series released 2015-09-17

Release information

3ee011d Updated from global requirements
b0eb136 update the args when init SubnetContext obj
be5129e odl client: gracefully ignore 404 when deleting
44aea2c mark out-of-sync when failure in sync_from_callback
a24ffa9 Updated from global requirements
6a9fe3b l3_odl: put request for remove_interface, not delete
e00f78d Support delegation of bind_port to networking-odl backend driver.
83fc677 Tweak CI configuration a bit
52f9b74 Make ODL_NETVIRT_DEBUG_LOGS disabled by default, enabled in
781d5db Updated from global requirements
42fadd0 Switch to using Opendaylight L3 in the gate
6eaa4f5 Major overhaul of and ODL settings
bd5442e Fix unit tests
400494b Remove quantum untracked files from .gitignore
77ebb49 Corrected URL information
cb07ce6 py34: Add support for python34 jobs
2a0f123 Updated from global requirements
5d13d5e Updated from global requirements
d0c6303 Misc fixes for networking ODL in devstack
eebc40c Wipe out the journal directory, in addition to data directory
fab0930 Use url to check if ODL is fully initialized
6537676 mech_driver: full_sync uses unrelated context for resources
f057f76 Updated from global requirements
5d8c0cd IS_GATE should be disabled by default, set to True in devstack/
e2fa1ff workaround: l3 plugin misses dvr_deletens_if_no_port method
5abbc50 lbaas: Fix incorrect url path
e75e019 l3_odl: delete_router results in exception
d957c38 requirements: Move neutron-[fwaas,lbaas] requirement into tox.ini
eed79f2 define ODL_NAME unconditionally
139d53c Add Beryllium and Lithium Stable support
66b182b Adding unittest for l3 to create,remove,update a router, a floatingip and an interface
9cd28aa devstack: Add devstackgaterc file
79e7465 Overhaul pre_test_hook
7f9ad87 Updated from global requirements
67b2803 Updated from global requirements
e05a831 Refactoring post infra changes
97bda18 Bug 1466917: Explicitly set link up PUBLIC_INTERFACE after br-ex add
98ef329 Update version for Liberty
a39d11d We should whitelist bash rather than sh
c7733e2 Add script
a38fa53 Replace stackforge with openstack
38b16e0 Be kind, and tell us where it went wrong if you please
59897c6 Add capability to save more than 10 logfiles per CI run
0db5041 Updated from global requirements
3200c4f mech_driver: don't pass empty string as tenant_id to ODL
51457ca Update .gitreview file for project rename
d1d6833 Send mtu and vlan_transparent for network operations
ed8e835 Give the JVM more juice
53f7620 Add logic to pass sg and sg-rules to ODL
abc9d21 Use latest Lithium daily build, move ODL_NETVIRT_KARAF_FEATURE
ba4bcaf Get upstream CI job working
57bfdb2 devstack: unzip -u may wait for user input
72fccf5 devstack/settings.odl: syntax error
a60cba3 import error by l3_odl
4d154c7 devstack: OFFLINE=True is ignored
f215f94 install_opendaylight: eliminate unused local variable, _pwd
12cc279 Make karaf file available as log artifact
2a739c4 Use latest Helium from daily build instead of unstable Lithium
4accbfe De-clutter from release specific logic
8fddd72 Add create br-ex in odl_compute nodes
8986bf0 Use ODL_RELEASE instead of version number to determine release
5e62bcf Fix setting up of ODL package variables
90d56ec Update version to 2015.1.2 to make pbr happy
f56d833 Add logic to use the latest Lithium release
d446fcd Revert "Add logic to pass sg and sg-rules to ODL"
d3220e4 Fix incorrect add/remove router_interface calls
60cf8d8 Add logic to pass sg and sg-rules to ODL
50556dd Add an example local.conf
2f390b2 Expose Karaf feature used by Opendaylight's net-virt
078ae83 Send router_interface add/remove calls to ODL
458b0a6 Switch from neutron.common.log.log to oslo_log.helpers.log_method_call
b6dc323 Fix broken unit tests for networking-odl

File Description Downloads
download icon networking-odl-1.0.0.tar.gz (md5, sig) networking-odl 1.0.0 tarball 33
last downloaded 19 weeks ago
Total downloads: 33